All-new Audi Q3 SUV Officially Coming in 2011 (details and photos)

24 04 2009

Audi has begun to preparing the new Q3 compact SUV for the year 2011. The German automaker went around the world survey for the ultimate locate to produce the Q3 and will be manufactured at the Spanish firm’s Martorell factory outside Barcelona. The US was considered as a possible additional manufacturing site for the vehicle but subsequently a verdict on that was put on ice while Audi takes cognisance of untaken economic conditions.

Audi Cross Coupe Quattro Concept img_1

The 2011 Q3 will be the nominal SUV in the Audi durable and it will connect the existing big Q7 which is assembled in Slovakia and the mid-sized Q5 which is manufactured in Ingolstadt, Germany. Audi says the Q3 will be a coupe-like five-door vehicle with the ground clearance and turn size normal of a SUV. It is Audi’s comeback to the upcoming BMW X1.

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“We are with on this Spanish site’s efficiency, the brilliant attribute of the Production department, and its kindly educated wand,” said Audi board chair Rupert Stadler. “We will use the Group’s synergies to hone our competitive bank and help safeguard around 1,200 jobs. The decision furthermore safeguards workplaces at other Audi locations.”

A calculate investment of around €300 million is being made in the Q3. Total yearly production aptitude is 80,000 units.

Gallery: Audi Cross Coupe Quattro Concept



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3 05 2009
Christine Westy

Interesting car related information, I love reading this kind of stuff. Your report stirs up thoughts which I need to consider before buying my next car.

22 10 2010

What I like about this Q3 SUV is the size of it’s body which is quite similar to car but just a little bit higher that a normal SUV. On top of the sleek body design, it is an Audi which really has competitive power and speed to shine on the road.

1 05 2011
radin zubair


27 01 2021
Go Anime

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