New 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI Estate Unveiled (details + photos)

25 05 2009

Volkswagen has unleashed the new 2010 Golf VI Estate with new-styled design. The principal changed to the exterior – it’s Golf VI‘s front fascia and dashboard, also tweaked tail lamps, colour-implicit bumpers and a new 105HP 1.6-liter common rail diesel.

2010 Volkswagen Golf VI Estate img_1

The tailpipes in both TDI and TSI models of Golf Wagon are now abundant evident to the naked eye instead of being secret beneath the bumper. Overall the car is innocent and can perhaps be described as elegant. Three dapper levels can be prepared, the vile Trendline, the Comfortline and the Highline. There will be no Sportline since it has been replaced by the Highline as the vary topper.

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Selected engines available during this original launch phase are a TSI engine with 120 PS (90kW) and the two diesels, one making 105PS (77kW) and the other producing 140PS (103kW). Later on two Multipoint engines that respectively generate 80PS (59kW) and 102PS (75kW) each will meet the incline. A TSI engine of 160PS (118kW) will top the limit at that peak. The two transmissions on agreement are the 6-rapidity guidebook and the DSG, the final depending on which exemplar is full.

The price value of the new Golf Estate in Germany, with ESP, six airbags, daytime running light, roof railing, faculty windows all around, upshift indicator, potential and heated further mirrors, 1/3 to 2/3 division folding rear bench seat and seatback, essential locking with RF reserved hegemony, climate sway and a ceiling 1,495 liters of shipment scope is € 18,500.




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26 05 2009
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