Ford Mustang Silver 45th Anniversary Edition introduced by Lee Iacocca (photos)

23 06 2009

Lee Iacocca, the former president of the Ford division and the father of the Ford Mustang, has introduced a coach-built car called ‘2009 1/2 Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang‘. The car will be produced in quantities of only 45 units. Lee Iacocca was the leader of the Ford sector when the group introduced the original Mustang in 1964. The unique edition Mustang is the product of the collaborative work of Iacocca, designer Michael Leone, and California-based coachbuilder, Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters.

Ford Mustang Lee Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition 2009 img_1

The partial production prototype that is based on the 2009 Mustang platform will be available with two capacity bury options, an usually-aspirated 4.6-liter Ford V8 rated at 320 horsepower and a voluntary supercharged story delivering 400 horsepower. Both V8s are coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission.

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The Sliver Edition Mustang‘s suspension has been uprated with a Ford Racing Handling Package that adds firmer springs and re-valved shock absorbers while a possible 14-shuffle Ford Racing Braking Package is also offered.

Designer Michael Leone reworked the car’s outer that skin a matchless front-end dealing with absorbed-set headlights and a more prominent fastback look. As the Mustang’s name suggests, the only unfilled outer incline silver.

Inside, the Iacocca Silver Mustang gets special Iacocca Diamond Design leather seats, an Iacocca signature dash plate with serial number, a leather-wrapped steering swing with the “I” logo and Iacocca-badged aluminum door shelf plates.

All 45 units of the Iacocca Silver Mustang will be offered exclusively at Southern California’s Galpin Ford dealership, with prices set to be exposed at a later court.



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23 06 2009
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25 06 2009

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2 10 2009
David Lehtinen

Who would be stupid enough to pay 90,000 for a tin can mustang ? If I am going to pay 90,000 dollars you better believe it will be made from racing. I think its a crime to half someone disrespect an american classic by just trying to make a quick buck off the fact that only 45 cars will be made. If you want to make a car worth that price well than I would talk to john coletti at least I think he had insight to what a muscle car is and his vehicles he designed were worth the money. I love mustangs but it upsets me to see people want to get their name out there by slapping some stickers on it and charging more than I sure the rich would pay. You don’t get rich blowing your money. It seems appearent that no one cares about building an engineering marvel like the engine 427 single over head cam side oiler or the concept 426 dual over head cam hemi that 3 supposely were built but never made it into production. I would rather see a mustang have engines like these and be of course gas friendly. By having lightweight components, improved aerodynamics and componenets to handle the power. I know that there are some great minds that have the ability to design some amazing vehicles but its seems that decisions were made to scrap those ideas i.e. concept F-150 lighting which the powertrain design would have been great for a mustang built on a fully frame not unibody. I think john coletti would have been a great racer because it seems he knew how to build a vehicle like SVT he started.

4 10 2009
John Paradis

why do ppl always have bad review on the mustang its a 45 aniversery thats why 45 will be made the car is to be a collectors car thats all if you want power, looks and speed for a good price buy a 4.6 or 5.0 and roush the thing if you want a collector buy this car plain and simple

15 10 2014
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Ford Mustang Silver 45th Anniversary Edition introduced by Lee Iacocca (photos) | It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

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