New 2010 Nissan Leaf Electric Car Officially Revealed (details and photos)

6 08 2009

Nissan has released the all-new LEAF that is an effusive exciting-powered car which is the world’s first affordable zero-emission vehicle. Prices have not been announced to verify the affordability maintain but the party states that it will descend within the C segment.

2010 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle img_1 | AutoWorld

The all-electric LEAF does not emit wounding gases and then was not planned to have a tailpipe. Its brake regenerative organism helps it regain withered energy to help give it a range of jaggedly 160km between charges. The batteries can be revived up to 80% of their facility using a transient charge or 8 hours using a degree home socket. Nothing has been said about recharging during state outages although.

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What gives the LEAF its credentials is a set of coated lithium-ion batteries and an exciting motor. Unlike hybrids like the Chevrolet Volt, no fossil fuel engine of any print of variety is to be found in it. The batteries make over 90kW while the motor delivers 80kW (109hp) and 280Nm, facts parallel to those of a compact turbo diesel motor.

As far as devising is disturbed it features LED lights, a novel cottage with depressed instrumentation, and an, IT support system. Owners can use their cell phones to point on the air conditioning scheme and an onboard cool controlled timer can be pre-programmed to recharge the batteries.

The Nissan LEAF will be launched in Japan, Europe and the United States in deferred 2010. We should see it heaps of period before then as it does the rounds at international motor shows.



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8 08 2009

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17 09 2009
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