New Lexus LF-Ch Concept Oficially Revealed (details and photos)

10 09 2009

Some time ago we published a leaked images of the new Lexus LF-Ch Concept and nowadays company has revealed official details and photos of its premium hatchback.

Lexus LF-Ch Concept official img_1 | AutoWorld

However, what Lexus does reveal is the notion model’s outside dimensions. With a largely strip of 4,300mm (169.3-in.), a width of 1,790mm (70.5-in.) and a height of 1,400mm (55.1-in.)with a 2,600 mm (102.4-in.) wheelbase, the LF-Ch is harshly the same mass as the Audi A3 Sportback (4,292mm in extent, 1,765mm width, 1,423mm height and 2,578mm wheelbase).

Read more (details and photos)!!

The notion modeled features an inclusive fusion drivetrain meaning that disparate mild-hybrids, it can be ambitious in a wholly exciting EV form. Lexus did not unveil any other details on the powertrain – or about something also for that worry.

“The LF-Ch view reaffirms Lexus’s commitment to Europe, combining compact dimensions, chic five-door, inclusive hybrid technology and low emissions to reassure the most demanding client requirements and to please to a new, younger generation of customers,” the visitors said in an organized receipt.

European buyers should expect to see a toned-down production variety of the LF-Ch available with both conventional and hybrid powertrain options in the end of 2010.




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