New VW E-Up! Electric Concept Revealed (details and photos)

16 09 2009

Volkswagen has revealed the new all-electric VW E-Up! Concept car at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new concept is a three-door minicar powered by an 80Hp electric engine that drives the front wheels. The German automaker plans to begin production of the Up! Family in 2011.

VW E-Up! Concept LIVE at Frankfurt img_3 | AutoWorld

The E-Up! concept is 3.2-meter long, 1.64 meters in width and 1.47 meters in height with a wheelbase of 2.19 meters and it’s smaller than a Fiat 500. However, VW’s designers managed to add in 3+1 seats which means the front passenger seat is positioned 50 mm onward, credit to the instruments being pushed foster up front.

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The VW E-Up! powered by an electric engine that can produce a peak output of 60kW / 80Hp and a stable 40kW / 53Hp, along with a limit torque of 210Nm (154 lb-ft). VW says that the E-Up! Can hit 50km/h (31mph) from standstill in 3.5 seconds and 100km/h (62mph) in 11.3 seconds while the little’s top swiftness is 135km/h (84mph).

A lithium provided energy-ion battery quantity with a gift of 18kWh that weighs in at 240 kg (530 lbs). The car’s total weight counting the batteries is 1,085 kg (2,392 lbs).Volkswagen reckons that a detailed recharge of the batteries at a 230V household cork would take a ceiling of five hours while at a charging class, an 80 percent custody could be achieved within an hour.

The Volkswagen E-Up! is also equipped with solar cells on the roof that not only give energy to the car’s electrical practice, but furthermore help to cool the interior when supplying energy parked the vehicle to the ventilation system.



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24 09 2009

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