Renault Zero Emission Z.E. Lineup at Frankfurt 2009: Fluence, Zoe, Kango and Twizy Concepts (photos and video)

17 09 2009

This year Renault introduced four new concept cars at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show: Fluence Z.E., Zoe Z.E., Kango Z.E. and Twizy Z.E. All of them are “zero emission” vehicles and use similar technology to the Nissan Leaf EV.

Renault "Zero Emission" Concepts at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show | AutoWorld

These concepts are an all-electric and can travel for 160 kilometers on a single charge. Once the battery is dried up, the battery can be charged using three different methods: a standard charge that takes between four and eight hours, a quick charge which is done in only 20 minutes or alternitavely, through the automated ‘Quickdrop’ system that removes and replaces the batteries in just three minutes. Solar paneling is also built in, to reduce the need for electricity from the grid. We will try to make a small overview of these cars.

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We start from the Fluence Z.E. This Concept is meant to be a daily driver for work commutes, with the possibility of loading up the family for a feast weekend. You’ll like the 21-shuffle wheels; the family will like the built in cassette screens and triple-zone climate organize.

Renaut Fluence Z.E. Concept LIVE at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show img_2

The cool looking car has a flowing external with a relaxing desolate-toned interior. LED lights are found at the front and back. The vehicle uses a 70 kilowatt electric motor that produces a ceiling 226 Nm of torque. Top haste and hurry period were not disclosed.

The Zoe Z.E. Concept was planned to know ever-budding cleaner lashing wants but also bestow buyers with a cute-looking fashion of thrill. Of course this is a subjective topic but that was the aim nonetheless.

Renaut Zoe Z.E. Concept LIVE at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show img_1

The Zoe concept is 4.1m long, 1.8m open, 1.5m high and its wheelbase is not bad at 2.6m. Power is stored in the lithium-ion batteries and the structure is able to invoke up some 70kW (95hp) and greatest torque of 225Nm. There are no 0 – 100km/h tear records available yet but Renault says it will spread top velocity of 140km/h (87mph). The mated transmission printed regulate direct with ahead/rear inverters.

The rear ended features a retractable spoiler with LED lighting technology, that deploys at speeds over 90km/h. It also serves as a brake light, just like the integrated light in the shark’s fin-variety aerial on the roof.

Some of the Zoe Z.E. Concept’s expert highlights contain a roof that insulates from passion or cold and recovers energy via its honeycomb photovoltaic cells. The rear and front light are confined from small impacts by a polyurethane gel while the air intakes cooled the batteries located on each trait of the car. Both sets of access doors are planned differently; front doors are scissor types while the rear features butterfly-panache doors which also act as gumboot attempt points.

The air blown by the climate control method inside comes mixed with a hydrating substance to keep the skin indulgent. There’s also the Active cologne event to make an interior mood with smells and a Detox operate that extracts risky substances from the cabin.

The Kangoo Z.E. concept is in about four-meters long, and is doomed more for suburban folk who want the payload seat. The vehicle uses a 70 kilowatt motor delivering an utmost of 226 Nm of torque. Power is resulting from a lithium-ion array that is a little minus edgy, thanks to the solar-panel powered climate command organism. To keep the car insulated, the vehicle was designed like a Thermos container with “two insulating panels with a sandwich of air between.” The air is meant to “moderate temperature extremes between the external and the interior of the car,” according to a depress relief.

Renaut Kangoo Z.E. Concept LIVE at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show img_1

Interactivity is the big plug here. The vehicle recognized occupants before they penetrate, and can be notified of the car’s unfilled limit as they style the doors. An intelligent navigational approach plant in tandem with the energy management routine to give a abler experience. The system helps advise the driver when the extend is operation low, notifying him or her of the near allege station or parking lot. A depleted battery is exciting in four to eight hours, while a 20-small nippy accuse is also free. At 1,520 kilograms, the vehicle’s range is 160 kilometers. Top hurry is capped at 130 km/h.

The Twizy Z.E. the most futuristic of the introduced concepts. It has an ornate exterior and a cosmic cockpit, also included full wheel covers, a pearlescent ashen paint conspire, and “radiant matrix displays” that act as headlights and taillights, that can also show ‘smileys’ to tell other drivers what you think of them.

Renaut Twizy Z.E. Concept LIVE at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show img_3

Envisioning as a municipal vehicle for city dwellers, the Twizy trial 2.30m in segment and 1.13m in width. While the front seat is relatively large, the rear seat (yes, there is one) appears prison-like. Despite this, the rear seat underside can be adjusted to costume the passenger’s height. Power comes from a small electric motor, with 15kW (20hp) and 70Nm of torque, which is joined to a string of lithium-ion batteries located underneath the seats. Boasting a variety of up to 100km (62 miles), the Twizy has a top tempo of 75km/h (47 mph).

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