New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept: First Official Photos Revealed

30 09 2009

Honda will be introduce their gasoline-electric hybrid CR-Z Concept (replacement of the legendary CR-X) at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Only a few changes will be made to the production model that is scheduled to be launched in Japan in February 2010 and the rest of the world.

2009 Honda CR-Z Concept  img_1 | AutoWorld

At a first glance, the so-called “CR-Z Concept 2009” doesn’t seem to be that different from the unique CR-Z concept car that was displayed at the 2007 Tokyo show. But earlier look reveals that Honda’s designers thoroughly reworked the sport coupe’s front and rear ends as well as the profile.

Read more (details and photos)!!

Not surprisingly, the pre-production CR-Z‘s interior has nothing in everyday with the 2007 concept sculpt, but lacking the sportier border, the dash’s styling does fetch to beware the Insight.

There’s no information on the CR-Z’s hybrid engine, but recent reports evoke that power will comes from a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine outfitted with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist technology. Connected to a six-speed manual transmission, the engine should allow the CR-Z to be entertaining and efficient.




3 responses

20 10 2009

great blog. I added to my bookmarks

19 03 2010
Abdul Ghafour

I Love this model and I love Honda brand because its good car and I wish if I can to buy one Inshallah soon.

2 10 2010
idler arm

The latest in the lineup of Honda is the CR-Z which is another beauty in motion. I have to admit that this car is truly awesome. The sporty design is undeniable plus it is a hybrid with a few high-tech gadgets in interior, there’s no doubt that you would surely feel comfortable driving this. I give a 5 out of 5 on this one!

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