General Motors Cancels Sale with Magna and Russian Sberbank and Decides to Keep Opel

4 11 2009

General Motors nowadays announced that the group’s Board of Directors decided to cancel the sale of Opel to a Russian-backed group led by Magna and keep it under control.


The U.S. automaker said that it took this certitude because of an “improving custom environment for GM over the older few months” as well as the importance of the Opel/Vauxhall brands to the firm’s universal approach. GM‘s president and CEO Fritz Henderson said in a primed statement that the company will portray its restructuring idea for its European section to Germany and other governments and hopes for its favorable consideration. The U.S. automaker expects that the restructuring of Opel will price around €3 billion, or about $4.4 billion at today’s switch rates.

“While strained, the venture environment in Europe has enhanced.” Henderson said. “At the same time, GM’s complete pecuniary health and stability have improved significantly over the elapsed few months, giving us confidence that the European subject can be successfully restructured. We are obliged for the hard work of the German and other EU governments in navigating this demanding financial interval. We’re also appreciative of the attempt put familiar by Magna and its partners in Russia in annoying to make an impartial contract.”

Siegfried Wolf, Magna’s Co-Chief Executive Officer stated: “We understand that the Board determined that it was in GM’s best happiness to keep Opel, which theater an important function within GM’s global organization. We will remain to provision Opel and GM in the challenges before, and craving to thank everyone who supported the Opel restructuring method for their vigorous labors and dedication over the earlier some months.”

So, what do you think about GM’s verdict to save Opel and ditch Magna and it’s Russian financers, will it be beneficial for both parties in the long run? Let us know what you think by leaving us an observe after the jolt.



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