New All-Electric BMW 1-Series Coupe Revealed (details and photos)

23 12 2009

The new BMW 1-Series Coupe all-electric car that willbe revealed as BMW Concept ActiveE at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show and will go into production within the next two two years.

While retaining the 1-Series Coupe‘s rear-wheel drive model, BMW solitary the pattern shape’s internal-combustion engine adding a new synchronous electric motor expressly urban for this vehicle that’s integrated in the rear axis. The motor produces a crop of 125kW or 170hp and highest torque of 250Nm or 184 lb-ft.

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The electrical energy that powers the motor is stored in a twosome of lithium-ion sequence packs developed jointly by BMW and SB LiMotive. The array packs concern the place that would routinely be taken up by the conventional drivetrain and fuel cistern in vehicles powered by a combustion engine.

The new Concept ActiveE tips the scales at a hefty 1,800 kg or about 3,970 pounds. BMW predicts that the all-thrilling 1-Series can accelerate from nought to 60km/h (37mph) in fewer than 4.5 seconds and from zilch to 100km/h (62mph) in less than 9 seconds, while the car’s maximum velocity is electronically limited to about 145 km/h or 90 mph.

BMW says that the frank-world scale is likely to be around 160 kilometers or 100 miles on a solitary payment, depending on conditions. The car’s lithium-ion batteries can be revived by a conventional clout shop at civic charging stations or at an exclusive block box. On the European grid, BMW says that the battery fill can be insincere thrilling at a high-current authority channel (50 ampere) in as little as three hours, while in North America, using a high-current (32 ampere continual) residential divider box, the care time is estimated to be around 4.5 hours.

The all-electric 1-Series Coupe rest a four-seater, however, the car’s gumboot power has been condensed to 200 liters due to the electric tidbits.

The Concept ActiveE is distinguished by the Liquid White hard ending as well as the special logos and lifelike basics derived from printed circuits in Electric Blue on the covering, doors, roof and coffer lid. The auto also gets exclusive light-alloy veer wheels, a specially trimmed interior and revised instrument panel and main parade that have been enhanced to contain flaunt substance point to electric steer.



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23 12 2009
Sport Cars Cardonation » New All-Electric BMW 1-Series Coupe Revealed (details and photos …

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4 01 2010
All-Electric BMW 1-Series Coupe | AutoNet TV

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3 02 2010
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8 12 2020


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