New Hyundai i-flow HED-7 Hybrid Concept Revealed in Geneva (photos and video)

5 03 2010

The new Hyundai i-flow Concept car has unveiled in Geneva. The new concept introduced not only as a possible figure learning for the troupe’s potential harvest, but also as a trial bed for new technology ideas.

At 4.78 metres long, 1.85m extensive and 1.4m high, the i-current is not a small car at all. Actually, it points to a new D-segment family car Hyundai plans to launch in 2011. Its fluidic originate, as Hyundai calls it, is very aerodynamic while at the same time aspirant to the new sedan-saloon trend presently seen in several European premium cars.

Read more (details + photos + video)!!

The powertrain consists of a 1.7-litre turbodiesel hybrid engine with two-rostrum turbocharging coupled to a Lithium Ion-Polymer battery. It is Hyundai‘s first diesel-electric amalgam powertrain and is mated to a 6-pace dual-clasp gearbox. The procedure is said to deliver C02 emissions of 85 g/km.



16 responses

19 03 2010
Mike Mcdonnell

Shining beautiful interior, plus the exterior is fantastic,I’d love to drive by and further blind him

1 04 2010

I thing so, design looks like a spy car

2 04 2010
green car driver

Much better drivetrain than the production Sonata hybrid that has just been introduced in New York. I hope Europe will get this drivetrain in the forthcoming large sedan rather than the american one.

13 08 2010
Georgia Drivers Ed

Hyundai i-flow Concept interior and exterior design is awesome, If this car can give the same or near about 40-45mpg then i definitely like to own one….

29 08 2010

I really do think these not so premium car manufactures like hyundai, kia and citreon are really pulling there socks up! Their designs in and out are looking more radical than even these premium manufactures, in the next 10 years or so, we will look more at the car, and not the badge.

14 03 2011

kool lovely

22 07 2011
Sameday Auto Repair

I’m really liking the design of this car! Thanks for the photos!

5 08 2011

wow wat a bomb car🙂 would love to buy

8 09 2011

Wow, very nice! Really cool looking and Hybrid. I’m very excited. Surprise me some more Hyundai.

17 04 2012
jaguar orlando

I don’t know about the inside, I think it would distract me too much! Its not a bad looking car, but it’s just not for me.

18 11 2012

This would be a fun car to convert to LPG🙂

25 01 2013

Beautiful car. Well done Hyundai. Can’t wait for this to come to UK

1 02 2015
Mas Amry

I often visit your blog, your post is very helpful and very interesting for me. The review is very impressive and I like the style of the language. Your writing is also very neat. Hopefully your blog more and more popular. Thank you

1 02 2015

Thoroughly entertaining lines. Inside and out. I want one!!

7 03 2015
New Hyundai i-flow HED-7 Hybrid Concept unveiled in Geneva > New Auto Design

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6 07 2016
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New Hyundai i-flow HED-7 Hybrid Concept Revealed in Geneva (photos and video) | It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

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