Wow, 1946 Aero Packard Flyer “Dream Rod” with 2000Hp 41-liter Engine (photos and video)

15 06 2009

This “monster” has a 41-liter motor that produces, you don’t believe, a 2000 horsepower and 3000 lb-ft of torque. That’s right, this thing is actually even more bad ass than Leno’s container car. It was constructed by Rodney Rucker and knowing as the “Dream Rod,” one of the three Blastolene Brothers also responsible for shop the reservoir car and the insane Hemi Trike we stippled at the Grand National Roadster Show before this year.

1946 Aero Packard Flyer Dream Rod at LA Concours img_1

Early we thought a vehicle like Jay Leno’s Tank Car would be a one-off. After all, how many hot rods out there are thirty feet long and have a 1792 cubic-inch turbocharged V12 underneath the hood putting out 1600 horsepower? But after the Los Angeles Car Concours “d’Elegance” this past weekend we can see from that giant engine outstanding out of its fuselage, it does have some rather impressive engine.

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3rd Annual Car Concours “d’Elegance” in Los Angeles (photo report)

3 06 2008

On Sunday, June 1 start exposition the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Car Concours d’Elegance, once again bringing classic cars and exotic in the shadow of the Rose Bowl. Held annually in Pasadena, California, on behalf of the League of aid to southern California, this young competition is becoming a reputation as one of the best on the circuit. It is not surprising given the fact that there are tons of championship quality machines in the field, both private collections and high-end museums such as Nethercutt and Petersen.

Nearly 300 cars were presented in 40 categories ranging from horseless cars 1990 and newer Ferraris. With thousands of spectators, we were on the spot with cameras clicking, “take some of the day for all of you who could not be there.

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