New 2009 Volkswagen Polo Mk V Officially Unveiled (details and photos)

2 03 2009

The new Volkswagen Polo Mk V has been finally unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The new Polo is now even better, improved its performance in packaging, efficiency, dynamics and styling. Production of the car starts in the summer for the UK sell, with deliveries expected to open October.

2009 Volkswagen Polo MK V official photo

In the exterior, smooth surfaces and uncluttered lines take precedence to fortify strength while shiny front lamps and horizontal lattice facts tell a lowered bother height and wider track. Nevertheless it’s to smartly thought-out packaging that the more roomy interior owes its thanks. At 3,952 mm, the Polo Mk V is only 36 mm longer than its predecessor, with its width widening by 32 mm to 1,682 mm and the height falling by 13 mm for an enhanced stance.

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First photos of the new 2009 VW Polo Revealed on Geneva Billboard Ads

2 03 2009

This is the first photo of the new 2009 Volkswagen Polo. A poster on billboard at the exhibition house of the Geneva Motor Show shows the new VW’s 5-door car. The new Polo made it official debut this Wednesday at the Geneva Motor Show and is scheduled to start selling by June this year at an estimate of around €14,000.


UPDATED: with new leaked scan photo

From the looks of it we can see the small VW has grown up a little bit in volume. In truth the car is said to be 3.95 metres (155.5 inches) long compared to the 3.92 metres (154.3 inches) of the preceding generation. Moreover the Polo is of higher quality and speculation is that it could even surpass as a minuscule Audi. Thus competitors like the Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris may be left behind by the new DS3 from Citroen as far as classing the Polo goes.

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New 2009 Volkswagen Polo Leaked (photo and details)

16 10 2008

These the first images of the fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo. The styling will carefully mimic that of the new Golf MkVI as VW aims to restore its look throughout the make.

New VW Polo came to the dealers in may 2009. Then 2010 follows the CrossPolo in off-road look – again, only with front-wheel drive – and for certain markets, the Polo sedan.

Top models will get luxury kit such as touchscreen sat-nav, mandatory square help and a rear watch camera. The security and conduct are boosted, too, due to enhanced structural stiffness and a tweaked framework. The engine breadth kicks off with two gasoline-powered three-cylinders delivering 59bhp or 69bhp.

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First Official Images of new 2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI GTI

25 09 2008

Today Volkswagen released the first images of the all-new Golf GTI MkVI, which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next week. The model isn’t due to be free to be released until Spring 2009, so we suppose the show car to conduct an archetype ticket, but little will change once the perfect hits the production line.

Technically the new GTI hasn’t changed much, perhaps to cease the model from stepping on the toes of the new Scirocco, the engine gets a command boost of 10bhp charming total crop to 207bhp while emissions are down by 11g/km. The improved facts were achieved with a new induction organism and for the first time on a GTI, Volkswagen have introduced its new electronic imperfect-sneak differential which they call XDS.

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New 2009 Volkswagen Golf VI Leaked Photo

4 08 2008

Photos of the new Volkswagen Golf VI have leaked out just a few years earlier to its allowed media free. Set to make its municipal unveiling in Paris this October, the hugely important Golf VI represents VW’s best selling classical as well as one of the best selling models in the world.

Despite sure reviews from the pressure for its heavy performance and attractive interior, external plan was to blame for the dawdling selling Golf V in Europe. Additionally, blaming high production expenses as a significance of a lengthy per element manufacturing time, VW brass set out to cut their losses and impulsion development of a new MK VI Golf which is based on the flow MK V platform – just nipped and tucked in all the right places for an earlier turnaround time.

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