New 2010 Nissan Leaf Electric Car Officially Revealed (details and photos)

6 08 2009

Nissan has released the all-new LEAF that is an effusive exciting-powered car which is the world’s first affordable zero-emission vehicle. Prices have not been announced to verify the affordability maintain but the party states that it will descend within the C segment.

2010 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle img_1 | AutoWorld

The all-electric LEAF does not emit wounding gases and then was not planned to have a tailpipe. Its brake regenerative organism helps it regain withered energy to help give it a range of jaggedly 160km between charges. The batteries can be revived up to 80% of their facility using a transient charge or 8 hours using a degree home socket. Nothing has been said about recharging during state outages although.

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