Production Version of the new 2010 BMW 5-Series GT Teased on Video

20 03 2009

BMW gave us the first preview of the production-ready version of the new 5-Series GT (Gran Turismo) Concept vehicle. Compared to the Geneva concept car, not much has changed on the outside as the only significant differences seem to concern the conventional exterior mirrors and alloy wheels. The interior however is another story as BMW toned down the design and removed the funky trim options in favor of a more production-style look.  the 5-Series GT that will be officially introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

2010 BMW 5-series GT production version img_1

The body of the 2010 5-series GT skin a mix of elements from crossover, hatchback and cart bodystyles, melding them together to construct something that is relatively single in the automotive world. While the styling may not be to everybody’s test, BMW insists there is a bazaar for a premium carriage with an auto-like profile and enough of innovative storeroom solutions. A take on the renowned Hofmeister hook can be found at the rear of the graphic line, spinning a very non-classical BMW profile into something more recognizable. After the jump, official video featuring an interview with the BWM car‘s project manager, Hans-Jurgen Branz.

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New BMW 5 Series GT Concept Officially Revealed (details and photos)

13 02 2009

BMW unveils the mostly anticipated 5-Series Gran Turismo Concept at a special event in Munich. The model is set to have its official unveiling at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.


The new 5-series Gran Turismo Concept is a Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). BMW like to come up with their own category names for vehicles. They chose to categorize the X6 not as a SUV but as a SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle). So here comes a Progressive Activity Sedan.

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