New 2010 Acura ZDX Crossover Revealed: Official Photos and Details

22 07 2009

The all-new 2010 Acura ZDX is a four-door auto which has a prominent attitude and can sit up to five adults. It also comes with treat function capabilities such as expandable storeroom facilities and additional unseen storage compartments. New ZDX become the major to BMW’s X6 crossover.

2010 Acura ZDX Crossover img_1

Basing on the prototype ZDX which was shown at the 2009 New York Auto Show, the production story has that pitched rear end, bold fender flares, a panoramic schooner roof and concealed rear door handles. Standard wheels are 19-shuffle 7-spar alloys which happen to be the chief stock rims in the Acura variety.

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New Acura ZDX Concept Revealed at New York Auto Show (photos + video)

9 04 2009

Acura has unveiled the new ZDX four-door coupe concept at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. Vice president of Acura sales, Jeff Conrad, presented new ZDX Concept as “The emotional coupe styling coupled with a luxurious and dramatic interior and surprising versatility, allows the ZDX to define its own segment and attract an entirely new customer.”

Acura ZDX Concept LIVE at 2009 New York Auto Show img_1.jpg

The ZDX‘s sportiness is emphasised by the flowing ranks, the promptly roofline, concealed rear door handles and daring fender flares. While the gumboot is sizeable with corner for abundance of luggage, its all-goblet make is a continuation of the uniqueness of the thought car. Signing off the outer are 9-strut 20-inch wheels and dual chrome tailpipes.

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First Images of the new 2010 Acura Crossover Leaked

17 03 2009

The first teaser images of the upcoming all-new Acura Sports Crossover have been leaked. It appears that this is a near-production version of Acura’s BMW X6-esque crossover that has been spied in the past.

2010 Acura Crossover Concept teaser img_1

Although Acura avoided providing any niceties with the images, it acquit that the new pattern will be based off the MDX but will ditch its conventional sport-ute styling in improve of the “four-door vehicle on stilts” appearance pioneered by the BMW X6. From the photos, it appears the as of yet nameless Acura CUV will highlight bold styling with stuffed front and rear well-wheels as well as unseen rear passenger door handles which helps to underpin the sedan-like outline. Reports denote that the new intersect will adopt Acura’s newest styling theme, gist we can imagine a style of the circle’s protect lattice to look up front while the rear could have a pointed tail akin to that of the TL.

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New 2009 Acura TL Officially Revealed (photo gallery)

12 08 2008

Next evolution of Acura‘s “Keen Edge Dynamic” sketch patois before you, it aims to add a more aggressive stance to the Acura line-up and judging by what we see before us, we can arguably prove the 2009 TL has achieved this.

The dimensions of the pattern come in a little senior than its predecessor, the part, width and height are enlarged by 6.2 inches, 1.8 inches and 0.5 inches respectively. The new platform sees the vaguely longer controls heart of 109.3 inches and it features a strengthened frame with a clone-wishbone front suspension and multilink rear suspension.

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New 2009 Acura TL Spied (photo)

19 05 2008

Acura is in the midst of a total revision, and then we have already seen the RL and the TSX, by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers bread and butter TL has been in the headlines of newspapers, so far. Spy photographers broke a pair of plans of the TL 2009, without sufficiently crazy modes and without the most bras, with certain groups ill suited us to throw.

At the front, the grille is covered, but the basic shape as much as the man dental treatment in the RL and the TSX. The passages front tubers, as the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TL a more aggressive, flared and the line, which extends from the A-pillar into the rear lights have been replaced by a muscular line in the expansion ‘Archer, was to emphasize more Opinions of the limousine. At the back, a form V in the bumper and the damper is TL a little more style, while the tail lights of synthesis to the corners of the TL.

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