New Mercedes-Benz SL AMG Black Series (spy photo and video)

17 03 2008

Consider could build a car, could slightly to 720 cv. Would your power to a “mere” 680 cv? Now, Mercedes-Benz, not only would it be for car Week. They have won insider “information about the new top-of-the-line SL-class, and that is precisely the output of these sources have indicated that the car will have.
Such an engine, the SL AMG Black Series will defy his own bigger brother, the 722 SLR, which counts on a 5.4-liter V8 engine that generates 650 cv. This is very probably the best explanation for the power limit, to the Black Series “engine, the same 6-liter V12 used for the SL 65 AMG. SLR receive a replacement in 2010, theSLC, and the respect of hierarchy, it should be more powerful than any other Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, these 720 cv (or more) must be reserved for them.

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New Mercedes M-Class Facelift (detailed description + AMG tuning)

14 03 2008

The current second generation of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class was on the streets in 2005 in relation to the search for new Mercedes SUV, the car easily. Until now, the 2 Generation M-Class has its way into almost 300000 customers in the world, was it one of the most successful cars in the ever-growing SUV market.
The class was lifting M with a new housing (bumper redrawn, and designed a new projectors grille), rear fascia (the new bumper with reflector strips, rear lights redrawn with smoked glass look), the new two colors, and four new leather interior leather steering wheel spoke.

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Mercedes SL 63 AMG Race Car & C 63 AMG Medical revealed for Formula 1

10 03 2008

I think two “normal” cars on the Formula One grid have shown for the 2008 season. Mercedes-Benz, which have a relationship with F1 since 1996, are again leading the pack with the safety car in the form of an SL 63 AMG version 2008. At the same time, the C 63 AMG makes its track debut in estate guise as the Medical Car.
Merc is very proud of the achievements of its AMG division has on F1 tracks. The safety car, for example, is designed for the speed and handling, as they are also known as car when the pace of the race is stopped, for whatever reason, whether it is an accident on the track or similar.

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BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Kit !!

31 01 2008

When the post-enforces its move faster Mercedes-products of magic, it focuses on the already-hot AMG versions. BRABUS set sail a little more green with just introduced its Power Xtra D6 BLUE kit specially designed for the new E300 BLUETEC. The kit increases the production of diesel from 47 horses.


The power gain is achieved through a system of auxiliary engine which is designed to work in harmony with the BLUETEC special catalysts and filters the exhaust. The result is 258 horsepower and a superb 450 lbs-ft of torque from 3.0 liters diesel V6. BRABUS receivables 6.8 seconds 0-62 mph sprint and a limited top speed of 155. The gain power is done without any loss of fuel economy, too. An amendment to suspension, brakes, wheels, body kit and stainless steel exhaust system is also available on BRABUS for E300, but are not part of the performance package.

BRABUS was tuning Mercedes diesels since 2001, when the E V8 became one of the first clean-burning diesel sedans performance. The kit D6 BLUE continues that tradition by meeting emission standards EURO V goes into effect in 2011.