Aston Martin One-77 teaser video episode 2: Rises from the Mist

13 11 2008

The company has released their second video teaser for the new supercar the Aston Martin One-77. Early we show leakage images and first episode of Project One-77 teaser video.


Comparing it to the circle’s legendary limited production DB4GT Zagato, the One-77 is said to be the “Embodiment of Aston Martin.” The AM managers tell us it should feel like it’s been tailored to the driver and that it has new technologies, limited components and handmade body panels. The chatting heads call it a member of art and then go onto tell how this sample of art will perform, with unbelievable performance, programmable power feedback and an exhaust comment outside balance.

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New Aston Martin One-77 Leaked Images

28 10 2008

New clearest images of the upcoming Aston Martin One-77 have leaked on the web at Dutch automotive portal Early we show you some teaser shots and photo from Live sneak preview at Paris Motor Show 2008.

Proving once again how daring supercars can be, the One-77 was announced amid one of the nastiest slumps in the automotive topic in decades with the eye-popping penalty tag of £1,050,000 or unevenly 1.4 million euros.

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