Massive Car Accident in Austria, 60 car pile-up highway A-1 linking Vienna and Salzbur (autocrash photos)

26 03 2008

About 60 cars were in a highway crash, killing one person and five others seriously injured in Austria yesterday.
The crash occurred on the A-1 highway linking Vienna and Salzburg, said a spokesman for the police in the province of Upper Austria. The person who died was a Spanish woman who lived in Switzerland, according to the police.

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Big car accident in Czech Republic – 100 car pile-up blocks Czech highway (autocrash photos + video)

21 03 2008

About 100 cars have collided in a huge pile-up in a heavy snowstorm in the Czech Republic, completely blocking the main highway officials said.


Six people were seriously injured and about 18 others suffered minor injuries in an accident on the road between the capital Prague southeast of the city of Brno, “said the regional governor of Milos Vystrcil.

“The situation is worse on the 100 km in the direction Prague. Ago about 100 cars [crushed],” he told Czech television.

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