BMW M GmbH: 30 Years of Great Work with 300,000 cars

19 06 2008

Though BMW Motorsport, the predecessor to BMW’s M tuning division, was founded in 1972, it wasn’t awaiting 1978 that the name was misused and the first M vehicle twisted – the mid-engine, plump-six-powered 277hp (204kW) M1. The freshly exposed M1 Homage plan inquiry, displayed at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2008, recapitulated the M1’s revolutionary plan and at the same time honored the anniversary of its universe. The M1 was the first BMW M car, but it was built primarily as a homologation unusual for the ProCar race cycle.

Real degree production of M cars would interval awaiting 1984, when the first M car to be based on a pre-presented boulevard car, the M5, was built. Housing a very akin instantly-six, 286hp engine to the M1, the M5 was a tactful, yet very spry, style of shipping. In 1986, BMW followed with the M3, the classic that would come to term the sub marker in the eyes of many fans. Over 17,000 of the first-gen M3s rolled out of BMW’s factories, and it has since accounted for the track best-promotion M-imprint BMW in the world.

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New BMW F3 Crossover Mule (spy photo)

24 05 2008
While mulling over what appears to be a waiver of the BMW Series 3 test mule wagon for the possible F3 Crossover, Mark Arnold whips itself into a manic-depressive episode, as he says the auto makers niche product strategy will eventually lead us to “drive (or just riding along) in senseless blobs “, and finally the end of the world. Arnold is a bit like a jump between meaningless blobs and the end of the world, but the apocalypse is always a great ending to every story.

New 2010 BMW M3 Sedan Facelift (spy photos)

19 05 2008

The BMW M3 sedan debuted just last October, and it is still not for sale in a number of markets around the world, but despite these prototypes for a facelifted version of the performance sedan have already spotted ahead of its sale launch early next year . The changes are in line with the center of life for the regular updating E90 sedan, expected for this year, and a number of smaller changes, both externally and the cabin.

Most cars will remain unchanged, but there are some differences, as the update with new LED lights of information, such as double taxation Daytime running lights. Until a new back bumper with a change of the organizer and rear lights redrawn.

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BMW 3-Series E90 Facelift (spy photo)

14 03 2008

These are without doubt still images from which most of the upcoming BMW E90 3-Series sedan Facelift planned to meet showrooms this summer. Since its launch at the Geneva Motor Show 2005 in the E90 racked up sales of 96000 units in its first year of production, just in the United States. Now, the 3-series is entering its fourth year of production, and these images show how BMW plans to boost the 3-series’ appeal to a formidable competitor against the Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 sedan recently launched.
After previous winter tests spy photos, our photographer caught this silver-bluish E90 with a disguised front bumper and camouflaged head and tail lights cruise along the streets of Munich. On the basis of these images are the most visible changes appear to a new rear lot with LED taillights, a new front fascia with a newly sculpted hood and grille and new side mirrors. In accordance with the current BMW headlight design, expect to see accentuated “angel eyes” along with a revised interior, and a new selection of more environmentally friendly engines.

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