New polyurethane foam BMW 6-Series by Lithuanian sculptor | autoworld

1 06 2008

After first foam car on the basis of a Mercedes-Benz engine, you must give them the means for artists painstakingly fill not one but two of these projects polyurethane plywood. We found that BMW 6-series port interpretation based on the same color red, 30-inch flash-Dubs, and dual triangulated exhaust tips.

While the Lithuanian sculptor has a large part of the Bangle Butt-intact, aesthetics generally to this version is much more comfortable for the eyes. A look says, within this attempt is not as thoroughly as the other (s seems to be painted, carved not). However, as the waste in the door mounted on the card in the pocket, a use in the streets.

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New BMW 6-Series Coupe Facelift (photo)

11 04 2008

AC Schnitzer facelift new BMW 6 Series Coupe was released about a year ago, reveals a more dynamic coupe and convertible for the first time with a diesel engine. AC Schnitzer, Aachen, Germany-based tunable House has drawn up in order to further improve the 6 Series evolving model.

Michel viandante for designers engaged in a new front fascia with sharpened kidney grille, a new rear spoiler with built-in for the third brake lights and side skirts, flat vehicle is even more than before. Sports silence and rear chrome exhaust pipe decorative appearance behind.

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