BMW M1 Hommage Protoype Realy Spied?

5 05 2008

We have been debating whether or not this is a true picture or drawing of experts, but if it is a photoshopped image of the BMW M1 money supply prototype, it is very convincing. According to FreshTarmac, this photo in a hangar in Spain. It shows that the sleek two-door car, probably mid-engine sports car with the attributes of the new cubic meters in its design, especially the former fender and hood.

BMW introducing the M1 Hommage Concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este last week, we hope this means that in considering the production version. To the BMW, the establishment of it!
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New BMW M1 Concept Hommage Officially Revealed

28 04 2008

Retro style with modern aggressive design …
The concorso-e leganza Villa d’Este, Lake Como, in Italy, by BMW, because this is recovery, in 1999, and the German brand has always found space to show an alarming concept car. Sadly, they did not make it into production so far. Star has some mileage award scheme and the concept of Rolls-Royce 101 ex. In this year’s version of events, BMW will pay homage to one of its most important cars, money supply M1, to celebrate 30, 2008. Bavaria, but the company does not intend to only, to create value, it also hope that the current modern interpretation of that super sports car. M1 money supply to meet the concept. With it, traditionally the villa – e ste’s the concept may be about to change.

It is not only against the concept car seems, may have to give it a chance, even in a small scale. New vehicles may also be appropriate to live in a time of its production BMW to a serious thought. Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz has realized it might be a good idea to provide super, when the single-lens reflex camera production ceased in 2009, it has planned to revitalize the gull-wing, is currently testing, the snakes like the body. Audi, and even has given a try, and did not complain r8 sales and brand image of the benefits. So, why BMW will stay out of such a market »
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