Video: New Exclusive BMW Concept Car GINA Light Visionary Model (+photo)

6 06 2008

BMW show exclusive teaser video with new revolutionary concept, the car will be shown at a press conference at the 10th June. Name GINA Light Visionary Model who still has no information, but the video after you can see the great roadster with a roof has opened a profile similar to the BMW has recently show Powered Veritas RS3 super sports car.

The video shows the vehicle with a cover made of plastic Baggy, transport in the BMW museum, very likely the place where the press conference held. Stay tuned, that detailed information and new videos will be published shortly after the press conference.


BMW’s novel unequal implement automobile is resourceful to perk. The Bavarian maker has titled it GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car, and the automobile can derive unconnected shapes good to the advice the part is built from: material.

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Classic BMW 507 (video)

31 03 2008

Look at this nice classic car: BMW 507 (video)
It is not only new cars, and in the future that we are interested in here at AutoWorld. View this wonderful period video on refined BMW 507. It has some excellent shots, as well as 507 when it was new in the 50 century.

Designed by Albert Von Goertz, the 507 was to be at the dawn of a new era in sports in the Bavarian automaker, instead it took nearly BMW was on the brink of bankruptcy. Only 252 examples were built and BMW known to have lost money on each of them, despite the high prices, which ranged from $ 9000 to $ 10500 USD, and remember this was 50 years ago!

In 507 has been equipped with the 3.2L V8 alloy at 150/160hp, not bad for the day, but acceleration is lethargic compared to modern vehicles to sixty miles per hour running in 10 seconds. But in the 507, not purchased for their execution, it is beautifully sculptured, hand-beaten aluminium body of work that catches the eye. In 507 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful projects in history. Enjoy the video.