Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero modified by Mansory (photos and video)

15 07 2009

Mansory tuning house has presented modifed Bugatti Veyron, project called Linea Vincero Veyron. The improved supercar features an enhanced cold air induction system and an optimized exhaust, which enables the Bugatti‘s 8.0-liter 16 cylinder engine to deliver 1109 hp and 1310 Nm of torque (instead of the streamer 1001 hp and 1250 Nm of torque).

Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero by Mansory tuning img_1 | AutoWorld

With regard to design changes, Mansory equips the Linea Vincero Veyron with a massive carbon-yarn body kit that includes a shorter covering, a new front apron, revised bank skirts, and an aggressive rear diffuser. The visitors also add a “V” symbol to the front lattice, LED daytime running light, and fully-sham turbine-devise wheels.

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Top Gear Mega Battle: Bugatti Veyron against McLaren F1 (video)

8 07 2009

Here it is!! The most powerful and fast supercars of all time met at a mile-long drag race. The 1001 horsepower Bugatti Veyron driving by Top Gear’s presenter Richard Hammond and the 627 horsepower McLaren F1 driving by The Stig. The race took place on a very dry, closed stretch of road in Abu Dhabi.

Bugatti Veyron against McLaren F1 Top Gear video img_1

If you just look at the power figures, at first you might think that the Veyron would simply crush the F1. But the McLaren F1 weighs significantly less than the Veyron, roughly 1651 lbs. (749 kg)

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Bugatti Veyron ‘Bleu Centenaire’ revealed in 100th anniversary celebration

3 03 2009

Bugatti revealed the new Veyron Bleu Centenaire, in celebration of Bugatti’s 100th anniversary. It’s wearing a special shade of blue that you might remember seeing on the late, EB 110, but is also the main color of Bugatti’s historical racing livery.

Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire LIVE at Geneva img_3

UPDATED: with new photos and information

Rumors suggest that Bugatti has exceeded the engine’s current power rating of 1,000 hp by so much that the car’s top speed will crest 270 mph (a standard Bugatti Veyron tops out around 253). But at a live photos of the car at the Geneva Motor Show we see that the powertrain in the Bleu Centenaire is the same 1,001hp (746kW) corps like as in the normal Veyron.

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Exclusive Mirror-Finish Bugatti Veyron 16.4 on Show at VW ‘Premium Clubhouse’

12 11 2008

To smudge the gateway of the new Autostadt pavilion in the ‘Premium Clubhouse’ segment of the common Volkswagen Group theme park, the troupe unveiled this shining Bugatti Veyron stands as a center-piece. The Premium Clubhouse is a pageant of architecture, art, and devise, and was shaped as a wing in the 25-hectare commons to represent VW Group’s multi-stamp luxury and premium border.


The highlight of the Premium Clubhouse is the new mirror-finish Bugatti Veyron, which is actually a model of artwork fashioned by Olaf Nicolai. Working position-specifically, Nicolai creates mental chairs in which he explores aesthetic perceptions.

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The Best Supercharged Police cars of all times!!

17 10 2008

Attention, all bad guys ready to be caught!! At war with you came super police cars!! You can’t escape from these from these turbocharged vehicles and their professional drivers!

Let’s start our top of the best police cars with it Hummer H2 tuned by GeigerCars (German), with 700-horsepower engine and maximum speed 250 km/h. This big car controlled by U.S. sheriff in the Texas state.

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Bugatti Veyron crashed by UK driver (photo)

3 09 2008

The £840,000 Bugatti Veyron was crashed in UK. Supercar looks to have mowed down a large section of hedge-row before finally coming to a stop in a field completing a 180 degree spin.

Details are scarce but it appears the driver lost control on a long curve in West Berkshire, UK. The furrowed front ended and left front section panel, undercarriage and collapsed windshield specify this was more than a youngster off-path jaunt, marking the support documented Veyron clatter.

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British Police stopped street race between Bugatti Veyron & Ferrari 599 GTB on M27

4 06 2008

British drivers on £875K Bugatti Veyron and £ 225K Ferrari 599 GTB came flying past in a street race type fashion going a reported 130mph.

Witnesses said that the 2 Super Cars were in the weaving in and out of the 3-way on the M27 in a very irresponsible, but it seems that the pleasure of the Bugatti driver was short-lived if the consequence was caught by the police, their modest BMW Series-5 It is, however, to thank his Lucky Stars after only 97 mph cumulative result of three penalty points on his licence and a fine of 60 pounds, he was at speeds up to 130 mph, it could well lose his licence, and the Bugatti his detention.

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New Bugatti Veyron kit by Sang Noir

5 05 2008

A dark, evil was born infants Bugatti Veyron has been born to run alongside the Pur Sang: the Sang Noir. Word is the latest variant has set up a tip of the hat – it would be “introduction”! In France – to Bugatti Atlantique 57S.

It is slightly different from, the front grille of a mirror and match, black lights around, exclusive wheels, and a house, dressed in what looks like electric orange. In conclusion, the car did not seem to share with the Atlantic other than the name, Bugatti and external color choice. However, it is not the same, this will allow you to buy it, it will be?

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Bugatti Veyron Targa Should Appear in 2009

15 04 2008

Volkswagen source has confirmed that Bugatti is indeed working on a Veyron Targa. Bugatti spokes person Georges Keller confirmed that his company is working on a “convertible”.

Bugatti is forced to make it a removable roof rather than a convertible folding roof, there is no space for the roof and the car. The Veyron Spider is an emergency blanket to protect the inside just in case. A former executive Bugatti said, “because there was no other solution that could fit with his security cage.”

Rumours of a Bugatti Veyron targa been circulating since the 1.3 million Veyron was unveiled. Bugatti has repeatedly declared that they will not build more than 300 Veyrons, of which 220 have already been spoken. How many Veyrons go topless is not known, but 80 would be the maximum.

Black Bugatti Veyron for Sale on eBay!!!

22 02 2008

Such opportunities do not come too often. Keen on a Bugatti Veyron black? Well now your chance, you have at least a fairly cool $ 1850000 USD. The vehicle is based in California, and I am sure that the mass clambering Hollywood is the key.
I am not only the dealer is very wary If all pneumatic test drivers who come to see the vehicle. 1001bhp must be treated with respect, and the average rock star to Hollywood movie star is without doubt the resolve to lack the necessary level of expertise driver for the administration of these 8.0L, 64 valves quad turbo W16 road rocket.

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