3rd Annual Car Concours “d’Elegance” in Los Angeles (photo report)

3 06 2008

On Sunday, June 1 start exposition the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Car Concours d’Elegance, once again bringing classic cars and exotic in the shadow of the Rose Bowl. Held annually in Pasadena, California, on behalf of the League of aid to southern California, this young competition is becoming a reputation as one of the best on the circuit. It is not surprising given the fact that there are tons of championship quality machines in the field, both private collections and high-end museums such as Nethercutt and Petersen.

Nearly 300 cars were presented in 40 categories ranging from horseless cars 1990 and newer Ferraris. With thousands of spectators, we were on the spot with cameras clicking, “take some of the day for all of you who could not be there.

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Cadillac CTS-V Blisters at Nurburgring Track

11 05 2008

The Cadillac CTS-V is a preparation for the launch and a little better than the performance, to show that the dismantling of the Nurburgring round record for a sedan production. GM has announced a time of 7 minutes and 59 seconds this morning was from a model not changed, the confirmation of the registration term is used in the next few days with a video of the duration.

The Nurburgring race is part of the tests in the final stages of development in the CTS-V is on sale this autumn. We are still all the characteristics of the new model, but we have said that the full performance of SAE, the acceleration specifications States and the pricing of the market in the coming weeks.

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New Cadillac CTS Coupe Spied in Testing (spy photo)

2 04 2008

Look at New Cadillac CTS Coup (spy shots)
Caught here with the testing, is still the best pictures of the Cadillac CTS and watching football, the things that conversion from design to production minimal with many elements in the style of the selected concept presented at the exhibition of the ‘car in Detroit January.


The front fairing seems weakened and style closer to the CTS sedan, the B-pillar is now clearly visible, in contrast to the window to window-style, on the concept, but by the fact to assess the door handles are not available, a feature which seems to me in the production are the mechanism for opening up the touchpad door handles, we have seen previously on the Corvette.

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New 2010 Cadillac BRX Spied (spy shots)

19 03 2008

The Saab 9-4X was confirmed and shown to the public, but his brother, the Cadillac BRX remains under envelope. Both CUV from General Motors’s new Theta-Epsilon platform and Cadillac hopes to build (and sell courses) 75000 units per year with production starting in early 2009 GM’s Ramos Arizpe plant.
Due to the thickness of the package on the test vehicle, we can see an outline of the Cadillac grille Provoq Concept and the tail fin-like rear light clusters that protrude slightly from the door. What will these features in production is still too early to tell.

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