Terrible accident: Chrysler Crossfire and Delivery Truck collided in Russian (video)

20 03 2009

A terrible high speed accident has been captured on a security camera in Russian city Chelyabinsk: a speeding Chrysler Crossfire that ignored the red light at the intersection and at a speed of 200 km/h collided with a delivery truck.

Chrysler Crossfire crash with delivery truck in Russia img_5

The accident occurred deferred at night in a lightly-trafficked intersection, but the fallout are terrible to say the least. The two occupants of the Chrysler Crossfire died in the accident while the truck was split in half and the driver was thrown clear of the accident and survived. Watch video after the jump (!!Warning, the record contains imagery which may be disturbing to some audience).

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Wow, Porsche Boxster Fall Down from Crane (Finnish NRJ Radio Promo)

24 06 2008

Finland‘s pop radio station NRJ decided to have a contest called “Cash or Crash” where viewers would choose to whichever win an old first generation Porsche Boxster or spoil it. The outcome was 56% of the voters stating they did not judge in destiny, so killing to the Porsche roadster. The occasion took place in the parking of a community shopping mall just beyond of the Helsinki city midpoint, Iso-Omena (Big Apple).

Surely, all in good fun, and especially since the Boxster is made in Finland – it’s slightly forgivable. However, the significance of the aftermath from slight of Finland has been judgmental.

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