New Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 (photo) | autoworld

23 05 2008

Given the number of cars in the position until the results of over 1,000 hp, 325 hp a vehicle May does not seem very impressive, but expect the New Volkswagen Scirocco GT24, on the initiative taxonomic World Meeting 2008 in the city of Klagenfurt, Austria, near the lake. May it not so fast that these machines, but it seems really good.

The competition of the Scirocco version supports all of its 325 hp, a 2-liter four-cylinder gasoline direct-injection engine turbochargers, even in a position, 340 Nm from 2100 rpm. The DSG gearbox is also made to the GT24, a reference to the first race, the car to cope with, the famous 24-hour race Nurburgring, the closest Saturday.

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Next Generation Volkswagen Gol Leaked in Australia Auto Mag

23 05 2008

Volkswagen Gol was best selling car in Brazil more than 20 years. Built exported and in other emerging countries like Russia, China and Mexico, where he reached the number one in the sale of tickets in 2006, the car is also known under the name pointer. No wonder that the next generation, the third (although Volkswagen calls the fifth), is considered one of the most important this year launched in South America. Many journals, like AutoEsporte, already the early onset of cars on the basis of inside information, but Quatro Rodas was the first place in the test on the road, as you see in the photos in this element.

In addition to these pictures, Quatro Rodas has also some reports in its issue of June, showing front and rear axle of the vehicle. VW Tiguan would have inspired the new compact sedan, which significantly improved compared to the previous model. Although the new car uses the PQ24 platform, including VW Fox and VW Polo, Gol is the new star in an engine mounted crosswise and for the first time in its history. All previous versions were along engines, a very unusual solution for small cars. This feature makes Gol at the same time be one of the owners of the garage favorites cars, because it is easy to resolve, and the reputation of being too old compared to competitors.

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New Volkswagen Polo GT-Rocket and Black/Silver Special Editions

13 05 2008

Volkswagen presented new GT-Rocket and Black / Silver special edition models for their tough little Polo, each with a special selection of the most important specifications and updates. The newest entries in the series are recordable Polo on the line-up and immediately in the order of 13800 and 16875 euros.

The GT model Rocket special offers customers young, dynamic, sporty image of the brand special and a higher standard specification. Rugs in the mix are easy “Aristo” alloy wheels, rear wing and front fog lights, while within the GT-Rocket is treated as unique upholstery, quiet lively rugs and leather steering wheel. The special sport is limited to two petrol and three diesel models, kicks at a price of 16875 € for the 80 hp 1.4-liter Polo.

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(Video) Iron Man – Behind the Scenes Video of Audi Q7 & R8 Stunt Scene

30 04 2008

If there is one thing the Iron Man Director Jon Favreau to complain about, it is Audi R8 and seven of the film is too well-designed stunt scenes logistical nightmare.

The first stunt scene (in the video above) features a family skid to stop in their Audi Q7 prove a major problem due to the anti-lock braking system, even after the wheels are sprayed on the ground wd40 and splattered with water, it Still does not work. In the end, they spent two hours under the hood and all their tools and torches close combat anti-lock brakes. Unfortunately, this is not the crux of the problem to stop, following the 7 anti-skid is held in the air from the iron man, the car spinning wheels should be round, but this time, traction control system is in the way.

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VW Debuts New Concept Car with Park Assist Vision System (photo and video)

23 04 2008

Unlike VW “Park Assist” semi-automatic parallel parking in steering Touran, Passat and Tiguan, the all new “Park Assist vision” system allows parking in vertical parking. The really cool to this system is that it is fully automatic – no driver required! In fact, the system is the key driver with the remote control while standing outside the car. The car is going to reverse park in the parking lot. Once the car reaches its final resting place, turn off the engine and lock the doors. Besides the obvious advantage for those with less than promising parking skills, the PAV system promises precision allows parking the vehicle in tight places where the occupants would not otherwise be in a position to be in and out of the car comfortable.

The driver is committed to the system by creating a free space on the monitoring of navigation, set the selection DSG gearbox lever to “P” and leave the vehicle, if desired. It is advisable to inform the passengers before leaving the cars, so they do not take the steering wheel for dear life, but the driver can stay in the car.

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Latest Volkswagen Scirocco Video

18 04 2008

Its all there to promote the new Scirocco, which is destined to go on sale late this summer for a starting price of 21,750 euros (in Germany). All in all, an affordable sports car, which now also long for the return of an absence, the original Scirocco production ended in 1992.

Initially, four engines, three petrol TSI’s range from entry-level 122 hp range topping-out ceremony 200hp with 280 Nm of torque. The TDI diesel engine produces 140 hp with 320 Nm of torque with the selection of the best fuel consumption of 5.4 litres per 100 km.

Foto Gallery of 2009 Volkswagen Scircco

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