New 2010 Citroen C3 Officially Unveiled (details and photos)

29 06 2009

The first photos of the all-new Citroen C3 were revealed nowadays ahead of the world premier at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Citroen C3 will go on selling in most parts of Europe in early November with the UK next in the start of next year and and will become the main rival to the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio.

Citroen C3 2010 img_1

The new C3 will be untaken exclusively as a five door produce with Citroen planning to pioneer a more premium three-door type of the car called DS3 in 2010 that will compete against the MINI. The new C3’s styling is an evolution of the prior sketch, albeit more dynamic with a tauter profile and many new minutiae with the front fascia that is inspired by the DS3 concept car.

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New Nissan Qazana Crossover Concept Revelead at Geneva

3 03 2009

Nissan revealed the new Qazana crossover concept car at the at Geneva Motor Show. The concept looks fun and, curiously enough, planned for the urban playground. Designing by the team at Nissan Design Europe in London around the notion of a city car bringing together a modern day coast pushchair and a four-seat motor-bicycle, the Qazana Crossover aims at rivalling the 1960s fortitude of vans, bikes and buggies.


That inspiration comes largely from a mix in sharp SUV and “incline” sports car styling basics. A tall stance, plump width framework, concise overhangs and the broad shoulders supply for the physique, while contrasting with but complimenting the fair low roof line, slimline wall windows and 20-edge black chrome alloys. The front light cluster consists of sink circular lamps and a daylight running strip all intended to evoke a gather car complete in waiting.

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New Citroen DS3 Concept Officially Revealed (details and photos)

6 02 2009

The first official photos of Citroen DS3 Concept have been leaked into the web ahead of Geneva Motor Show in March.


The view was extracted from a video presentation which was exposed to Citroën dealers and employees. Although unconfirmed, the persona is visibly labled as Citroen DS3. The DS name is frequent to the forefront as a posh line of new vehicles that will help Citroën take a tread up towards the superior luxury aircraft.

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New Citroën C1 Facelift Revealed

4 11 2008

Nowadays a city-cars became very convenient and it have a future. Automakers are facing a harshly contracting sell in Europe  and as the world’s family teeters on the brink of recession and the viewpoint of universal warming continues to be disconcerting to clients, present smaller, dexterous, economical cars is the way to go.


Citroën has bare the first details of its efficient C1 minicar that will go on trade across mainland Europe during November (December) and from January 2009 in the UK. The Citroen C1 which is part of the Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo triplets has standard some minor styling changes to the front end and in particular a redesigned plenteous complimenting the looks of the recently efficient C2. There are also new alloy helm designs and trims while inside the French automaker upgraded the berth with new upholstery and supplies.

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“GT-by-CITROEN” Concept revealed at Paris Motor Show

2 10 2008

Today new GTbyCitroen concept was revealed at Paris Motor Show. Early you have seen 7-th teaser shots of it completely covered car.

The 3000-pound two-seater is a virtual 3.6 seconds to a virtual 62 mph, and that’s with a 646 digital Ponies, funded by an additional 136 hydrogen-powered horses. As for the planning, if you are wondering what the rear overhang is about the sentence you’re looking for is “retinal persistence.” Read more information in the press release after in continue, and the gallery of high-res photos.

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New 2009 Citroen C3 Picasso unveiled ahead Paris Motor Show

11 09 2008

New Citroen C3 Picasso will be making its first public debut at next month’s Paris Motor Show, before a UK launch in 2009. The C3 Picasso will be the third Citroën to reach the Company’s confer-endearing Picasso family.

The French carmaker promises that the 4.08m long, 1.73m eclectic and 1.62m tall C3 Picasso will proposal best in order passenger hole. Citroen also says that with 500-litres under the section step, the C3 Picasso’s gumboot is one of the prime in the segment, and with the rear bench down this crack increases to a liberal 1,506-litres.

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Citroen C5 Tuned by Musketier

3 09 2008

Citroen drivers have always been considered as connoisseurs with a knack for exceptional. And it is difficult to mainstream design of the rod lure. This applies to the early models as well as for the current Citroen C5. The meet its almost strict lines but also the sophisticated taste of German customers.

And for the first time the French pursue the issue of suspension two philosophies. The conventional steel suspension comes in the often chosen to use basic equipment, the famous spring hydropneumatic suspension remains the better design lines. For the first case, Citroën specialist Musketier now a spring rate that ensures the body to send about 35 millimeters tieferlegt. A better cross dynamics and of course the visual stimulus justify the measure. Despite the increased performance remains a more than adequate rest comfort. The real sensation but is the world’s first appearance package for the new Citroen C5.

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Citroen C5 Public Debut at Brussels

24 01 2008

Of course, most journalists have flocked to Detroit to attend and report on the biggest car show in North America. No wonder Brussels Car Show world premiere was mostly unnoticed outside the Benelux.


Two cars have received special attention, the new Combi Nemo and the newly C5 sedan, which we had hoped to have seen in Frankfurt in September. The Citroen C5 is the hope of becoming long-term M2 leader in the segment of the mid-size sedans top of the range, ie Ford Mondeo, Renault Laguna and the forthcoming Opel Insignia.

For the first time on the C5, as it uses running gear Citroën C6, it is available either with the comfort of Hydractive suspension 3 More metal or a suspension system for a rigid.

The Citroen C5 will be launched in spring 2008 and will be offered with a wide choice of engines, gasoline and diesel, safety features without compromise and fantasy technologies.

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