Exclusive Mirror-Finish Bugatti Veyron 16.4 on Show at VW ‘Premium Clubhouse’

12 11 2008

To smudge the gateway of the new Autostadt pavilion in the ‘Premium Clubhouse’ segment of the common Volkswagen Group theme park, the troupe unveiled this shining Bugatti Veyron stands as a center-piece. The Premium Clubhouse is a pageant of architecture, art, and devise, and was shaped as a wing in the 25-hectare commons to represent VW Group’s multi-stamp luxury and premium border.


The highlight of the Premium Clubhouse is the new mirror-finish Bugatti Veyron, which is actually a model of artwork fashioned by Olaf Nicolai. Working position-specifically, Nicolai creates mental chairs in which he explores aesthetic perceptions.

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All-Chromed Mercedes McLaren SLR spotted in Dubai, UAE

23 10 2008

The shiny McLaren SLR was blemished scarce one of the world’s prevalent shopping centers, the Mall in Dubai,  United Arab Emirates, which looks to be the same place where the Pegaso book Bugatti Veyron was patterned. The Mall is the largest in the Middle East, at least awaiting construction is finished on the two bigger ones also being built in Dubai.

Early we also show you Saudi Arabian owner’s exclusive chrome Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, but this  Mercedes McLaren SLR dressed advance to toe in chrome (with chrome-decorated glass) really amazing. Although this driver has an authorize plate number so high we’d think it belong with a pauper, we know it takes some honest abrasion to buy a SLR, but can only imagine the rate tag needed to go forward and chrome the living daylights out of it.

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Exclusive Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (photo)

13 06 2008

For some Ferrari faithful, every prancing mare that comes out of the factory should be painted in red. Yellow, black, down and grey are just evident profane, and perhaps that’s why some of the purest Ferraris, the F40 and 288 GTO, were only presented in red. Well, if something but Rosso Corsa bothers you, then this particular Ferrari will give you the shivers. We can’t suppose what inspired this Saudi Arabian Ferrari owner to chrome his 599 GTB Fiorano, but it definitely reflects his personality. We also have to amazement if it helps keep the car cooler in the hot sun. No material his reasoning, he’s guaranteed himself abundance of looks.

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New Bentley Continental Flying Spur Facelifte (details and photo)

9 06 2008

Bentley has exposed started facts of it upgraded and facelifted Continental Flying Spur peregrination. On the bazaar since 2005, outer modifications create with redesigned bumpers and grille. Interior row paucity is too many with exceeding bewilder pan undertrays and wheelarch liners. New humor enjoyed identify with-to-crush, radiolocation-based Adaptive Cruise Control macrocosm and an and stereo style by British hi-fi concern, Naim, planned exclusively for Bentley. The macrocosm includes a 1100 Watt amplifier, which is the most healthy untaken in a forming automobile, 15 disposition-built Naim speakers, which includes banal Naim sub-woofers. Suspension springs and shocks are upgraded along with bounteous 19-inch Pirelli Ultra High Performance tires for likewise remain personality and exhilarate. For the inland, personalization choices amass with an adorable of crafted vegetation marquetry and chrome inlays. Also, stage scorching, a routine Bentley description, is introduced on Flying Spur ingenious with digit heavier leather banderol. Three puerile colours and quaternary contingent-constitution make vivid combinations are added to the guise communicate palette.

The Flying Spur also receives the “Speed” thing apt the same when the Continental GT Speed anaplasty was declared, With an upgraded 6.0-litre W12 mechanism from 552bhp (560PS/412kW) to 600bhp (610PS/449kW) the adjustment is a 0-60mph tempo of 4.5 seconds and a neb popularize of 200mph. Suspension is down for extended commotion while the pilotage is re-tuned for amassed feeling. Wheel mass is increased to 9.5Jx20 with the same Pirelli P-Zero UHP tires mentioned most. The Flying Spur Speed plug first rate with obscurity-dyed warmer and perspective intake grilles and further rifled drain neb wind.

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Latest Volkswagen Scirocco Video

18 04 2008

Its all there to promote the new Scirocco, which is destined to go on sale late this summer for a starting price of 21,750 euros (in Germany). All in all, an affordable sports car, which now also long for the return of an absence, the original Scirocco production ended in 1992.

Initially, four engines, three petrol TSI’s range from entry-level 122 hp range topping-out ceremony 200hp with 280 Nm of torque. The TDI diesel engine produces 140 hp with 320 Nm of torque with the selection of the best fuel consumption of 5.4 litres per 100 km.

Foto Gallery of 2009 Volkswagen Scircco

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Volkswagen Lavida Spied (China’s auto)

18 04 2008

Volkswagen Group popular in China, set new sales records every year there are sufficient grounds for the development of China for Volkswagen cars. Volkswagen first displayed Neeza concept in the 2006 Beijing International Auto Show.

This year, in 2008, China’s automobile exhibition in Beijing, the public will have two world premiere. First, will be Volkswagen Lavida, cars on the basis of the previous generation A4 platform and the high-end internal affairs, and small Phaeton nickname. The Lavida competition, in China and the Buick Excelle, they will strengthen things at the show with the opening ceremony, their Invicta car – sedan concept.

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Official Auto News: Honda FCX is 2008 Indy Japan Car

16 04 2008

You can not immediately clear link Honda FCX Fuel Cell indy in the automotive race, but Honda has found a way. Since 2007 IRL IndyCar Series runners have a 100% ethanol fuel, a fuel with a low impact on the environment, while the Honda FCX clarity works with hydrogen and is just the water.

In the third race in the IRL IndyCar Series 2008 at the Twin Ring Motegi track in Tochigi, Japan, the rhythm is FCX clarity of the 18 racing cars to the starting line. Honda FCX is done by their 100kW Honda V Flow fuel cell stack should be in a position to the approximately 160 km / h tops.

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