New Ferrari 458 Italia Revealed (photos and video)

6 08 2009

Ferrari has officially revealed the F430 replacement, the new 458 Italia that will be debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Describing as a “colossal leap send” and a “authentic departure from the current extend,” Ferrari considers the new supercar to be “a synthesis of chic, creative elegance, passion and harsh-creep technology.”

Ferrari 458 Italia img_1

Boasting a futuristic Pininfarina motif, the 458 Italia has a compact aerodynamic affect which helps to downgrade drag and mend downforce (which is 140 kg at 200km/h). The front ended skin a bold fence which houses small aero-elastic winglets “which breed downforce and, as velocity rises, deform to shrink the slice of the radiator inlets and cut drag.” Elsewhere, the car features small openings between the covering and headlights for added engine cooling. Out back, the 458 has aggressive rear end which houses a solid diffuser, California-mode taillights, and three axis-mounted exhaust tips.

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