New Ferrari F149 Spied Again (spy photo)

7 05 2008

We all know that Ferrari is hatching a baby the size of some of the popular German roadsters. We do not know whether Dino, F149 or GT California will be the name of the badge. The latest picture shows that the collective, and reveals the car the first time, without their notorious hump-back, this is a trade mark, since we first spy, Ferrari’s test.

Ferrari is not isolated from the rest of the world, this work is on how impressed by the green police. One of these is of course the Turbo this is hearsay to be on its way back to the Ferrari Formula One test where a lot of their own future path of technology. The pre-engine, two, driving the rear wheels. We sincerely hope that, under what may be one of the most ugly ducklin camouflage the job, is a princely Swan.

More foto!!!
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