New 2012 Ford Focus Wagon & 5dr Hatchback LIVE Unveiling at Geneva Motor Show (photos)

3 03 2010

The next-generation 2012 Ford Focus Wagon and Focus Hatchback have introduced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. New levels of refinement and technology to the booming C-segment in the United States.

The new Focus is based on Ford’s global C-segment platform, which also features the C-Max and the Grand C-Max models. Ford strategy on deriving ten different models from the platform by 2012. The Focus will come in 6 bodystyle iterations in Europe by 2012 as well, counting a four-door sedan, and a five-seat and seven-seat MAV variants (the C-Max replacements).

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Ford released First official photo for production Focus RS (details)

10 12 2008

After Ford was exposed new 2010 Focus RS sports hatchback concept at the London Motor Show and then again at the Paris Motor Show, development work is continued and today leaked new official images of the production verison of the car.


Some of the new details involve a 0-100km/h (62mph) time of 5.9 seconds and a top alacrity of 264km/h (164mph). Pricing for Europe will reportedly be set at €39,000.

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New 2009 Focus RS testing at Nürburgring (official photo)

12 06 2008

At first we show some spy photo and renderings of new Ford Focus RS. Today Ford has released official photos of an inexperienced Focus RS prototype undergoing performance and durability testing at the Nürburgring Circuit in Germany.

Set for its European tout sling in blooming 2009, Ford confirms the Focus RS covetousness be exposure-sweep-wandering with a particular misunderstanding mismated and parable the same turbocharged Duratec 2.5-litre five pipe in the 225 PS Focus ST, still, optimized to fabricate over 280PS and more than 400 Nm of torque.

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Ford Focus RS Spied at Testing

7 04 2008

At last summer’s British Motor Show, we will see the unveiling of a concept version of the Ford Focus RS, we now have the best shot yet of production, while in the version vigorous tests on the ring.

Spies, from the Nurburgring Fan Site (BTG), they claim that the production version will, in fact, with 4WD, after witnessing the prototype of control, while the power supply around the track, previous reports found that only FWD offered. If that is not enough, say BTG, the RS version of the Focus pump is a monstrous 350bhp was far beyond the 280-300bhp we had expected.

We are still about 3 months away from the idea of the concept version, we have to wait and see whether these initial specifications scaly reach heights (oh boy, we hope it !!!), but keep an eye on how the Pre-Motor Show leaks begin to unravel.

New Ford Focus RS Concept Headed for London

14 03 2008

We have heard the confirmation of a Ford Focus RS model, and we have seen the teaser pics floating around. But we have the information that we have anything physical to go, a tire thread, a wheel, what? Nope. We have this photograph. Plus the teaser image, which have already been published.


London Motor Show in July is the place to be if you want to check the details. Of course, some time before then WCF would have delivered technical specifications, as usual. But now we are on crumbs thrown down insiders from the engineering “at the table, primarily the Ford Focus RS will not 4WD, but front-wheel-drive. That alone is probably enough to make it a Mazda3 MPS rivals more than a Subaru STI enemy. But wait, there’s more. Looks like we are coming to less than 300 hp – 280 hp speculated on this one, it is certainly much, but also places STI 300 horses on the back, with an additional 8 Horses just in case.

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