New Geely GE Limo is Rolls-Royce Phantom Clone?!

30 03 2009

Geely has revealed photos of the new “Phantom clone” for the Chinese market called GE limo. The 17.5-foot long executive mover comes loaded for bear, with isolation glass and wool carpet just like a real Rolls-Royce. This and others auto-clones we should be expecting to see at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show that runs from April 20.

Geely GE limo img_1

Among the throng of new cars and concept studies that Geely is preparing to pass to Shanghai is the GE, a tender for a high-end limousine that looks like the outcome of a 10-year-old scheming a Rolls-Royce Phantom. According to the Chinese site, when compared to the Phantom, the Geely GE “gives the very same feeling of luxury.”  However, distinct the British luxury vehicle, the 5.3-meter long GE does not get suicide rear doors while unusually enough, the car’s interior has a 2+1 places arrangement, with the rear passenger receiving the noble healing.

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New Geely CE Hatchback (photo)

1 04 2008

New China Car debut: Geely CE Hatchback (auto news)
Geely is preparing to resell the new models, in their home Auto Show, in 2008 China’s automobile held in Beijing. The first concept to the slip road from the tight clutch of Geely’s public relations department Geely GT concept, a new large sedan, which Geely Chairman. Li Shu has been labeled as’ mini Rolls-Royce ‘.


Today, more than chinacartimes folks in China have been dug another inauspicious concept car, code-named Geely Chief Executive. Geely is the Chief Executive in a Mazda hatchback along the 2, Peugeot 206 and Honda appropriate, even auspicious, it will not bring any new things to the table, it can fit into the small car market.

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Official Release Geely GT Planned for China Auto Show

28 03 2008

Official release Geely GT
The 10th edition of the car show Auto China will kick off on April 20 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As is customary with all major car shows, new car rumors start to the day of the show sets the dates, and this time, Geely is in the spotlight.


Geely, known for their low-cost cars, is headed upmarket with the new GT Geely, also called the Geely Tiger. In a press release last week, Geely announced that they will make 23 models (and their derivatives) at the Auto China 2008 show, including Geely TG-1, A3, LG-3, FC-3, etc. and has two days previously issued a press release announcing the Chinese Geely GT Concept. Geely said: ‘The year 2008 holds great importance for the internationalization of Geely, strategic and comprehensive turn raising the competitiveness of the mark Geely. ”

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