New Infiniti Essence Concept Revealed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show

3 03 2009

Today, at the Geneva Motor Show, Infiniti unveils awesome sightly and sexy vehicle with a green soul – it’s the new Infiniti Essence concept. It is a 4.7-meters long, and the rear-impel, gas-thrilling fusion is something to observe in the metal, with basics that remember other coupes (looks similar with the Fisker Karma), but a look all its own.

Infiniti Essence LIVE at Geneva Motor Show img_1

The new Essence powered by a twin-turbo, direct-injection 3.7-liter V6 and a new electric drive design dubbed “3D Motor,” the Essence yields a mutual 592 brake horsepower (434 via inner-combustion, 158 brake horsepower via the lithium-ion backed disc-shaped electric engine).

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Final teaser image #14 of new 2010 Ford Mustang

14 11 2008

Due overdue next year for the 2010 paradigm year, Ford will be updating its iconic muscle car with several changes to its external as well as a finish refurbish of its powertrain organize to calm those worried about fuel-wealth. This absolute puzzler idea show some of the car’s highlights and warning at the slimmer styling that Ford is generous the Mustang.


The hottest in the long line of teasers – 14 in complete – reveals the rear fascia of the car, with the taillights and a duck-tail rear deck spoiler. Still no revolutionary redesigns, but somewhat a freshening of the free car’s position. This tormenter is estimated to be the last to come before the car’s bare to the prosecute at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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Latest teaser shots of new 2010 Ford Mustang

23 10 2008

These is the new teaser shot of new 2010 Ford Mustang which shows a wrinkle of the ‘Powerdome‘ hood that is obscured fairly by the camouflage on the spied car, while the shiftknob from the before mystery aligns with prior teasers that disclose much of the stream car can also be estimated to supply over inside. While the exterior is styled to ‘look slimmer’ than the modern car, the Powerdome hood gives back a bit in provisos of the brawny look projected from a V8 – at slightest in GT decorate – powered car.

UPDATED: Ford with it lengthy reveal of the 2010 Mustang continues today with the fourth last riddle picture open to be the sink part of the inside console and bursting outlook of the gear turn. The dumpy shifter with the metal ball grip can be seen rising from its leather gumboot in a chrome-trimmed rectangular niche, while buttons for the coffer announce, grip inspect and hazard lights are embedded close by. We also see the HVAC wheel are situated at the bottom of the focus stack (seat warmers, yay!) below the stereo controls.

The shot of the front right district panel in the spy photos reveals that the new car will really try to look slimmer, however, as the previous videotape and images revealed, an assured connection to the flow car’s styling will wait. Nevertheless, there are a few slight details that have been misused.

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“GT-by-CITROEN” Concept revealed at Paris Motor Show

2 10 2008

Today new GTbyCitroen concept was revealed at Paris Motor Show. Early you have seen 7-th teaser shots of it completely covered car.

The 3000-pound two-seater is a virtual 3.6 seconds to a virtual 62 mph, and that’s with a 646 digital Ponies, funded by an additional 136 hydrogen-powered horses. As for the planning, if you are wondering what the rear overhang is about the sentence you’re looking for is “retinal persistence.” Read more information in the press release after in continue, and the gallery of high-res photos.

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9FF Presented New Porsche GT9 with Hits 255.83mph

11 05 2008

We know for a long time that the 9ff engineers for their GT9, the world record for the production of car to the fastest in the world, now in German tuner who say they have that success with a race over 409 km / h in a track in Papenburg, 10 April.

But after a search of our book of records and especially the current world speed record, established by the SSC Ultimate Aero in the amount of 255.83 mph which is equivalent to 411.71 km / h direction of this application may be thrown out the window. As a consolation 9ff be happy, knowing that at least they beat the Bugatti Veyron, which created the record, with 407 km / h, but a question to me in the sense – why it’s taken so long to 9ff, an advertisement?

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