Wow, Hummer H2 Cabrio caught in Abu Dhabi, UAE

2 02 2009

There are many luxury cars, which can be seen in the United Arab Emirates. Some of them are treated with chrome, some with gold. What’s next?! This self-tuned Hummer H2 Convertible parked near luxury Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.


Mods to this monster include custom paint job with matching red leather interior, which seems to be an odd wealth for the gulf coast city surrounded by desert. Hopefully, there is some innovative seat-cooling usage installed as well. The truck has seven seats, and chrome wheels set in wider arches. Also pictured is what appears to be an aftermarket fiberglass cover shovel with integrated Hella lights.

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SEMA Hummers: Amazing and Strange

5 11 2008

At the SEMA 2008 Auto Show, we find some interesting options for Hummer tuning. Some of them really amazing, but others is very strange. Let’s watch it on photo.



It doesn’t scare us that somebody makes a 30-inch wheels. It does that somebody actually makes a 30-shuffle tire. We are behinds the time because Pirelli has been making the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico in 315/30R30 sizes since 2006. We stippled two single Hummer H2s fair the exhaust along with two secede wheels – one with the Giovanna Caracas-8 and the other with Asanti AF 143, both, of course, in chrome.

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The Best Supercharged Police cars of all times!!

17 10 2008

Attention, all bad guys ready to be caught!! At war with you came super police cars!! You can’t escape from these from these turbocharged vehicles and their professional drivers!

Let’s start our top of the best police cars with it Hummer H2 tuned by GeigerCars (German), with 700-horsepower engine and maximum speed 250 km/h. This big car controlled by U.S. sheriff in the Texas state.

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New 2009 Hummer H2 SUT Revealed (photo)

31 03 2008

New 2009 Hummer Capabel H2 SUT station at E85 fuel (auto news)
General Motors, with more than 3 million cars, leads the pack with regard to flex-fuel vehicles on American roads. Classic Chevrolet / HUMMER is the nation’s leading retailer Chevy truck and took upon themselves to provide their customers with a new, and the first retailer owned station E85 fuel.


“We sell a lot of trucks that can run on alternative fuels such as E85, and even if there was some greater availability, we need more E85 pumps where drivers could fill,” said general manager Charles Martin Classic. Currently, less than 1% of fuel stations throughout the United States offer E85.

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