RIDES introduce custom Hyundai Genesis Sedan to debut at SEMA

23 10 2008

Hyundai is charming to make certainly that its new Genesis luxury vehicle is taken honestly by the people who buy such cars. To help site the Genesis as a viable rival to the established competition from Lexus, Acura and Audi, the manufacturer has teamed up with RIDES Magazine to design a high-tech Genesis show car for debut at SEMA.

The RIDES Genesis Sedan doesn’t sport much in the way of performance upgrades, but it’s packed to the gills with the hottest in portable technology. RIDES has outfitted the big Hyundai as a cell executive suite, with high-tempo WiFi and theater-worth sound. Each rear-seat passenger has a notebook with an 8.4-creep VGA headrest observer, and there’s a third Mac Mini mounted on the rear deck with a wireless upright and mouse in the middle console. An iPhone 3G and iPod Touch are also along for the provoke. The RIDES Genesis also has another processor in the stalk, and a 20-edge Apple Cinema present on a sliding tray.

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