Latest spy photo of new Jaguar XF-R

8 10 2008

These are the latest spy photo of new Jaguar XF-R prototype caught in Death Valley. The black stains and tape-stripes on the hood of the Jaguar XF suggest that car including the roaring V8 significantly more than the standard 416hp.

Powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 producing 500+ hp and riding on unique 20-inch alloy wheels, Jaguar isn’t doing too much to hide the air vents on the hood, large bumper air intakes, a discreet boot spoiler and quad exhaust.

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Top 10 Guilt-Free Luxury Cars by Forbes

27 06 2008

In nowadays’s budget of high gas prices, luxury automobiles get a bad rap. However, Forbes points out, some luxury sedans and SUVs are careful in their fuel consumption, and even save a strong quantity of their lingering ideals. Basing on those two core factors, has named their Top Ten incline of “guilt-free luxury cars.”

As you’d demand, the bulk of the roll is constituted of German and Japanese luxury automobiles for their resale morals, and hybrids for their fuel cutback. Nevertheless some of their selections may surprise you. While the Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec, Lexus RX400h and LS460h seem like ordinary choices, other Mercedes SUVs – the M-Class and GL-Class – were also nominated. More surprisingly, the Jaguar XF is on there, as is the flame-snorting Lexus IS-F. The leftovers of the directory is rounded out with the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6 and Infiniti M35.

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New Details on the Arden Jaguar XF AJ 21

14 05 2008

The Jaguar XF has no doubt the flagship of the British manufacturer of the brand, if it’s just a matter of time before the Jag specialists in Arden are dirty and the strengthening of the sports sedan can give those who owned Jaguar lovers a little something the high-XF-R Spec comes in this summer.

Facts the Jaguar XF 21 are certainly found under the hood with updates for each of the four engines, the high-end 416hp motors 4.2-liter V8 engine is a travel increase of 4.5 litre increase energy Output of more than 500hp.

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New Jaguar XF Tuning Kit by Loder1899

30 04 2008

Loder1899 has made its own name (penalty) tuned Ford vehicles, even Jaguar is currently Tata maximum control and Julia loder still pleased to force the Jaguar fans and fine-tuning their bags. This time, Germany fine-tuning the House received a new car and work their magic.

Loder1899 started with a body kit consisting of a new front spoiler, boot spoiler and after the campaign intensified the spread of the nature of the Jaguar XF. Loder1899 also lowered the XF by 35 mm giving it both a faster appeal as well as a lower center of gravity. The look is finished with 20 or 21 inch wheels, pictured are 21 inch silver ‘Hollow Spoke’ wheels.

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Wow, New Jaguar XF TV Spot (video) !!!

11 02 2008

The Jaguar XF is to hit showrooms on 1 March with deliveries expected around the same time, and Jaguar has decided his first TV spot for this sport luxury sedan. The 30 second clip, the new model all stars with the soundtrack of “Hush” by Deep Purple.

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This commercial comes in the middle of the anticipation of Tata takeover of Jaguar and Land Rover, especially for the reconstruction of the British car manufacturer’s legendary image. It shows different perspectives exterior and the interior of the car, accompanied by numerous hot driving scenes, and not to mention a few intense scenes of people with gratifying with the music.