New 2010 Honda NSX (look at shown photos)?!

1 04 2008

AutoWorld: Honda NSX 2010 (foto) [auto news]
In Japan, things are happening faster than normal. Japan is not that late, almost. But being churned out these days supercar, like sake Corner Bar. Why do we, just the other day, a formidable Nissan GT out of the plant research. Toyota is a sports car and bring your own Lexus can not make up the sector, as LF minds – whether, and the concept of eternal future car. We are now, the next scheduled nsx Honda, and we have a pretty good idea what it will look like, thanks to the best car magazines. Expectation is that it will cost more than the GT – r.


Nsx mule’s condition has been tested under Nordschleife last summer. According to the word on the street, aiming to hit nsx, 7 minutes 30 seconds around once they are available, they can beat GT Porsche, and probably – GT Slayer study too. Planning to achieve How can such a proposition Mad? V10 well select the size of the engine, a 4.5-litre engine displacement. More than power numbers to reach 400 kilowatts said. The car, Acura sold by Japan in the name of the method. , A legendary live up to that status, like his predecessor – R GT is to prove?