New Teaser Shot of Mystery Lamborghini car Released

19 09 2008

Lamborghini released second teaser shot of its mystery car‘s upcoming Paris unveiling. Is it a four-door super car. It’s all what we know about it. Meantime, have a gander at some lustrous fender and sweep action, complete with a part escape adorned with the Italian colors. The fender expelled appears to designate a front-engined car, so we’re liking the Inside Line take very much at the moment.

Yearly Lamborghini managers are cryptic little devils aren’t they; instead of generous us a whiff or two on what they’re planning to tell at the Paris Motor Show in October, the Italians resolute to send us a cropped look depicting an exhaust tweet that’s entitled:

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Lamborghini Reventon For Sale at Las Vegas dealer

12 05 2008

The first and only Lamborghini Reventon left for sale on the market came to a concession in Las Vegas, on the 20 units for the production (plus 2 for more Lambo at heart, for themselves) 19 are already spoken This special unit bear a special label – Lamborghini Reventon 1 / 20

Taking into account this is the newest model of a car very special, we can at an extraordinary high price, the price was Reventon cool to € 1 million ($ 1.4 million), with the exception of taxes and charges by the Italian manufacturer , But the first mark with the concession and then the onslaught of the super-rich who are trying to get we would not be surprised to see the nearly 2 million U.S. dollars.

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