Lumeneo Smera – A Car or A Motorcycle ?!

31 03 2008

Lumeneo Smera – little car for Big City
Some cars, which were presented at the Geneva Motor Show have failed to be the main pages as deserved. One of the vehicles that fit perfectly into this description is the Lumeneo Smera. This small electric car is not able to adapt only on this but on the entire traffic of almost all the major cities of the world. After all, it is as close as a motorcycle and faces even on curves like one.
Created by Daniel and Thierry Moulène, Smera will be manufactured in France and word has not been said so far on the price, but it is very likely to be higher than that paid for a smart fortwo. This is because the two places, electricity is a machine, powered by batteries containing lithium-ion, which represent only 80 kg of the total that weighs 350 kg.

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