Tuning car: Mercedes SL 63 AMG by Kicherer

26 08 2008

You looked at tuning version of the Mercedes SL 63 AMG “eroticized”! Hah, any Tuning house that dares use such a word in their urge delivery had better have a damn good packet to show us.

Kicherer start with the purely aspirated 6.2-liter V8 force corps and boost its force by 40 hp up to a calculate of 560hp while the torque now rises to 670Nm (494lb-ft). It is blended with an EVO sports exhaust system giving it a deeper and more aggressive sound. The upgrades see a better 0-100km/h time of 4.3 seconds (from 4.6 seconds) while the top tempo now falsehood at 320km/h.

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New 2010 Mercedes Flügeltürer Reborn From Classic 300 SL model (spy photo)

30 07 2008

Reprinted for one of the most beautiful cars of all time: 2010 Mercedes brings a hitherto nameless Super Athletes (factory code: W197) on the market. The Flügeltürer is the successor to the late famous 300 SL of the 50-years.

He gets the streamlined shape of the original and its classic features such as the side gills. The Mercedes-star on the grille by a chrome bar either. The doors are at the top of the roof struck the middle for a comfortable start. About the wheel the typical sheet metal bars. Added to this modern elements such as a deep apron with front spoiler lip and additional cooling air openings.

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