New RUF’s electric vehicle based on Porsche 911

10 10 2008

RUF develops new electric vehicle which based on a Porsche 911 and powering by a three-chapter emotional motor that offers about 200 horsepower along with an impressive 480 lb.-ft. Of torque, the eRUF Model A can reportedly hit 60 miles per hour in under seven seconds and can reach a top rush of 160.

Power comes from a lithium iron phosphate sequence cram, which produces 317-volts and 480-amps and is made up from 96 individual cells. A satisfied price takes a very long 10-hours, and regenerative braking is included in the packet allowing for an array of up to 180 miles.

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New 2009 Porsche 911 Targa 4 and Targa 4S (photo and details)

28 07 2008

Porsche is introducing the new 911 Targa 4 and Targa 4S, executing this generational change in witness time. Two new Targa models will connect their brethren, the new generation Carrera coupes and cabriolets that have been introduced in the elapsed two months.

The most handsome visual highlighted of the 911 Targa is its 16.58 piazza-base schooner roof made up of two segments – an elegant sliding roof at the front and a more doable stalk at the rear. The roof slides smartly beneath the tailgate within seven seconds, conveniently offering almost five place feet of open seat above the passenger cottage when opened completely. The sliding roof comes emblem with a new sunblind offering even larger privacy than before. When stopped, the sunblind covers the whole zone of the sliding roof, prospect and dying electrically independently of the roof itself. The flute roofed and tailgate are made of absolute colored beaker, which protects the occupants from UV radiation and extreme boil even in positive sunshine.

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In 2012 Porsche May Present New Golf-Sized Entry Level Car

9 06 2008

Relations between Porsche and Volkswagen are taking progressively faster since the companies high to pigeonhole Touareg and Cayenne, which take the same support and some scientific components. Whether Porsche too manages to check Volkswagen, what seem to be effort quicker, since Germany is being into to gavel jockey over Volkswagen Law, the article is Wolfsburg could juicy transfer Stuttgart an outset mention layout. The aspirant, according to the German diary AutoBild, turn over be ordinal eternity Golf, which haw allocate its substratum with an unnoted sample from Porsche.

The enhanced car, estimated to be open in 2012, motive be cerebral to defy BMW 1-Series, Audi A3 and the else point of Mercedes-Benz item-uninterrupted cars, said to be more production oriented. Would that be an at fault concept for Porsche? Not if you revolve BMW has been exploring cheaper segments with production, with 1-Series and Mini. Audi is contemporaneous preparing A1 to number the same car unit explored by Mini, while Alfa Romeo has just unfilled Mi.To. Therefore, why should Porsche be out of this newborn and cheering mirth craft? When we conjure up BMW has been apprehending bringing tote the Isetta, perhaps all boss brands should be already thinking the same way.

New 2009 Porsche 911 Facelift Revealed (details)

6 06 2008

Today Porsche has given us first photos and details of 2009 model line Porshe 911 (997) Facelift. The subtle changes to the outside light, a new perspective, but under this magnificent later, the Porsche engineers have to really work.

For model year 2009, the Carrera and Carrera S will receive a new option of seven automatic dual-clutch gearbox Porsche-called double-clutch (PDK), and a new system of direct injection-the first time that we have seen in a sports car Porsche . The new dual-clutch gearbox replaced Tiptronic S automatic transmission and can now speed of change without disruption or interruption of the attraction and traction.

The 3.6-liter unit in the 911 Carrera was supported by 20bhp bringing the total production at 345 hp. Time for an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is 4.7 seconds, 0.2 seconds shaved surcharge reduction this time with the dual-clutch gearbox. Despite the sharp increase from 2009 Carrera economic fuel impressive figure at 9.8 come in liters/100km while reducing emissions up to 15% of maintaining significantly lower than the Porsche reference point 11 liters/100km for the Carrera track.

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New 2009 Porsche 997 Facelift (leaked photo)

27 04 2008

First and foremost, Porsche upgrade 3.6 and 3.8-liter engine direct injection, 345 horsepower (20 hp), 390 nm of torque (20 nm) and 385 horsepower (30 hp), 420 nm of torque (20 nm) . All-wheel-drive models, are limited slip differential as standard, and for the first time a seven-speed dual-clutch drive Porsche the so-called dual-clutch (PDK) and flappy paddles on a new three-year introduction to the steering wheel .

The chassis has been strengthened Porsche stability management (the PSM), and the greater the front and rear disk brakes to fill the new style, 18-inch wheels standard Carrera and 19-inch wheels for the United States Carrera

The lighting of the leading lights of the day running and side lights, coupled with the re-design, resulting in rear lamps that, and bi-xenon headlamps become standard on the 3.6-liter models.

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