Beauty Babes at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show (photo gallery)

17 01 2010

Girls at Detroit Auto Show 2010 NAINAS

At this year’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show were revealed many significant vehicles, the overall impression we got is that the industry has scaled back. But there is one area where automakers seemingly didn’t skimp. Yes, it’s beautiful booth professionals who graced displays at this year’s show. View full gallery with awesome pretty babes in continue…
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New Chevrolet Aveo RS Concept LIVE at Detroit Auto Show (photos)

15 01 2010

The next-generation Chevrolet Aveo RS Concept car has revealed at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The new Aveo (which will be launched in 2011), the RS features a massive grille, three-dimensional taillights, brushed aluminum accents, and 19-inch wheels. Inside, the idea boasts a lavish interior with leather upholstery, clanging accents, and footnote black adornment.

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Beauty Babes at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show (photo gallery an video)

16 01 2009

Every auto show has plenty of girls whose job is to look pretty next to all the new cars. The exception was not a 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


Sometimes these girls are more interesting than the vehicles they are standing next to. Below we have a video and pictures showing beautiful girls next to the cars we have been talking about for the last four days.

In continued more beauty ladies… (photo and video)
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2010 Ford Taurus revealed at the Detroit Auto Show 2009

13 01 2009

Ford officially reveals 2010 Taurus at the Detroit Auto Show 2009. The new Taurus has been completely redesigned, and Ford hopes all these changes to the outer, interior, platform and powertrain will add up to a sated-size car admirable of the Taurus name.

2010 Ford Taurus

The current Taurus‘ shape is based closely on that of the previous Five Hundred vehicle with a Passat-like profile and minimal surfaces with little specify. Ford designers threw that goal in the garbage and went about altering everybody panel. The new front end is apparent by the newest interpretation of Ford’s three-bar lattice. There are still three bars, but they’re much thinner with the top and underside ones framing the fence. There are now also two additional bars in there that are perforated with little holes.

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