5 by Peugeot and SR1 Concept Revealed at 2010 Geneva Motor Show (details and photos)

5 03 2010

Peugeot has unveiled a new four-door sedan called “5 by Peugeot,” at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Established in car Hybrid4 technology will unveiling on the Peugeot 3008 beginning next year.

At 4,860mm long, by 1,880mm varied, by 1,420 high, the car is a bit slighter in every track compared to the current BMW 5-Series. It uses a front-mounted 163 bhp (122 kW / 165 PS) 2.0-liter diesel engine, which factory with a 27 kW electric motor at the back. The two blend for 147 kW / 200 PS when both systems are in use, providing sway to all four wheels. All-electric powerful is also possible at low speeds.

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New Peugeot SR1 Concept Car Revealed (details and photos)

15 01 2010

Peugeot has revealed the first photos of the new SR1 Concept car. It’s a Grand Tourer that comes with two doors and a hard top. The construct is a foretaste of what the French marque policy to do in language of upcoming target focus. The new SR1 will be exposed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

Typical of a GT, the SR1 skin a large sculptured bonnet, flowing wings, a low centre of gravity, sweeping sides and a chiselled rear create. LEADING headlights are a highlight, as is the new redesigned Lion badge.

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24 Hours of Le Mans 2009 Results: Peugeot win the Race

15 06 2009

Peugeot‘s took first and second place at the in the famous race 24 Hours of Le Mans 2009 in which racers has driven 382 laps, 3,247 miles for 24 hours. After a ten-second spell in the depths, the No. 1 Audi R15‘s doom was sealed, and when the tartan weary finally dropped, the Audi was seven laps behind the No. 9 Peugeot.

24 Hours of Le Mans img 2009 img_2

Nevertheless just as impressive as Peugeot‘s win (and its first-place fixed since 9 pm last night) is the 007 Lola Aston Martin’s fourth-place stop, the Corvette C6. R’s undivided and utter dominance of GT1 and the verity that every free GT2 car – counting the No. 85 Spyker C8 Laviolette – beat out the single Porsche 911 GT3 RSR after the three other 997s slowly succumbed to abrasion.

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New Peugeot 5008 Officially Revealed: 7-passenger compact MPV (details and photos)

2 06 2009

French car maker Peugeot has revealed the new 5008 7-seater compact MPV that will be the main rival cars such as the Opel Zafira and Renault Scenic. The new Peugeot 5008 scheduled to make its world premiere at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September and go on sale in Europe this autumn.

Peugeot 5008 img_1

The car is spacious at a part of 4.53 meters and a height of 1.64 m. And the large windshield (1.7 m2) along with Peugeot’s panoramic goblet roof indeed impart enough of logic of area and frankness. The 5008 also offers a overall payload part of 2506 liters with the last two rows of seats down. Even as a 5-seater, crate universe is a respectable 823 liters.

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New Nissan Qazana Crossover Concept Revelead at Geneva

3 03 2009

Nissan revealed the new Qazana crossover concept car at the at Geneva Motor Show. The concept looks fun and, curiously enough, planned for the urban playground. Designing by the team at Nissan Design Europe in London around the notion of a city car bringing together a modern day coast pushchair and a four-seat motor-bicycle, the Qazana Crossover aims at rivalling the 1960s fortitude of vans, bikes and buggies.


That inspiration comes largely from a mix in sharp SUV and “incline” sports car styling basics. A tall stance, plump width framework, concise overhangs and the broad shoulders supply for the physique, while contrasting with but complimenting the fair low roof line, slimline wall windows and 20-edge black chrome alloys. The front light cluster consists of sink circular lamps and a daylight running strip all intended to evoke a gather car complete in waiting.

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New Peugeot 3008 Crossover Officially Revealed (details and photos)

16 01 2009

Peugeot has released the first official photos and details of the all-new 3008 compact crossover. The five-seater 3008 is more of a pug than a stud – at slightest in what concerns its exterior styling.


Peugeot officials said that it is positioned “at the crossroads between numerous free vehicles like the SUV, the MPV and track.” Something like an automotive varied grille in other language. The 3008’s most next rival seems to be the Nissan Qashqai cross, which has proven pretty successful in Europe.

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New Peugeot ‘RC…’ Concept with Hybrid Power will be Present at Paris Motor Show

21 08 2008

Peugeot is preparing to Paris Motor Show a new concept car, and has given us a bit of a heads-up in the form of a few images and some details.

With the name of the actual car not yet free, Peugeot is referring to the show car as the RC, adopting the same thematic nomenclature as the RC Spade and RC Diamond concepts from 2002 and the 908RC view vehicle from the last Paris Motor Show in 2006. Like those concepts, this one is not doomed directly to preview a production car in the pipeline. However, it does foreshadow Peugeot’s new design direction.

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2009 Pegeot 608 – a new design solution

17 06 2008

Peugeot‘s designers added something with a bit more aggression and sportiness for the new generation 608. It is broadly likely the new exemplary will draw its pattern inspiration to the well standard 308 RC Z Concept and if sources are approved we could see it as shortly as the Paris Motor Show this year.

Peugeot have ambitious targets with the premium brands such as BMW and Audi set steadily in their sights. They have a new president of purpose Jerome Gallix who is bearing the 608 throw and he has vowed to come up with a new exclusive styling tongue while custody the instantly identifiable profile accustomed with the variety.

The greatly recognisable Peugeot frame will continue chiefly intact albeit faintly updated, but the front fascia will get sportier updates to the lights which will run advance up the covering face similar to the styling seen on the 308 RC Z belief.

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New Peugeot 4007 SUV Irmscher Sport Design

12 05 2008

Peugeot and Irmscher designers have worked together with success in the past, the development of projects whose style of 207 GTi THP 175, 107 sports and 407 XS XS sports. Well, the last work of cooperation focuses on the 4007 SUV with the addtion of sports pack for the entry level SE model to add that extra bit of cool to the model.

The package includes the design style is Star 19 “Alloy wheels on Pirelli tyres 235/45 x R19, a body color rear fin roof, front spoiler and dual exhaust favourable pipe surface treatment.

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New Peugeot 308 RC Z Concept Confirmed for Production

25 04 2008

Peugeot’s Director General Mr Jean-Philippe Collin confirmed in Lisbon the Motor Show today, the Peugeot RC-Z concept in fact go into full production.

The last production model of the great world beginning 2009 to Messe Frankfurt, two years after the concept car. The Peugeot RC-Z concept was with much enthusiasm and conviction of decision-makers remain loyal to the brand, as the term as possible, which means that they are from the traditional presentation of their trophies.

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Turbo-charged Peugeot 308 GT out!

20 02 2008

Peugeot shows the newest member of his ancestry Feline efforts if the new 308 GT THP 175 breaks cover. With the 308 SW, Peugeot, that another pair of cat their sacks.
The power is a 1.6-liter turbo gasoline billed, the same as for the performance of its duties in some other Peugeot, and the MINI models. And contrary to popular belief, the engine itself was designed and developed by BMW, while Peugeot has for the production of muscle mass to produce the units.
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Peugeot 308 CC Spy Photos !!!

13 02 2008

Peugeot began a trend of 206 CC, the first affordable convertible coupe on the market. After this, many automobile manufacturers have signed up to this type of vehicle, the last one being BMW, the 3 Series Cabriolet. To this end, the french automaker could never leave the market segment that it has helped create. Therefore, a version of the 308 CC is being prepared, as you can see from the photos that illustrate this article.
Caught up in the cold winter testing in the north of Sweden, the car would have to carry a much heavier camouflage to disguise the famous line versions Peugeot CC product. They would be enough to say what is below covers the car, but we can also mention the typical “cat” headlights and tail lights, which confirm the future car will be based on the Z 308 RC Concept. Pay attention to the rear of the prototype car. You can define as large, muscular, rear lamps with trespassing apparently the body. Now, compare it with a backward image of the CR Z and try not to see the resemblance.

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