New 2009 Lexus LF-A at Test (spy photo)

17 04 2008

The recent appearance Lexus LF-A furnace – produced prototype versions become commonplace, and in the region and around the Nürburgring, the spy photographers have caught up with some special in its wake. Never been, LF furnace – prototype, in the game and was wearing a more targeted aerodynamics, including redesigned front bumper and piled up in front of the Blended Winglet or diving plane strait, and the smaller Le Mans prototype of the mirrors and dramatic fixed tail wing. Other important amendments to include the views of the headlamps, fog lamps installed under the bumper, hood pins, wavy panel of plastic or composite materials, anti-Roll Cage, as well as one of the most important fast-track the fuel filler cap back passenger side window installation of carbon fiber panels.

We heard rumors of espionage sources said that the Lexus will take advantage of the upcoming 24-hour competition legendary Nurburgring in Germany in May introduced a new LF – accountable to the public. In view of all these reveal the details, perhaps, after all, they are not rumors. However, it will not become a production vehicle appearance, but the aggressive racial variation. Therefore, if this is a car, then why is it supporting the surrounding public roads? The reason is very simple 24-hour Nürburgring is a unique race, allowing vehicles from the ordinary highway vehicles, the European touring car championship, the German touring car (DTM), of course, Le Mans GT car.

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