Official: Porsche Panamera Leaked (details and photo)

12 02 2009

First official images of the new Porsche Panamera four-door coupe leaked in the web. The Panamera will officially start production in April next year and will make its world debut one month earlier at the Geneva Motor Show.


UPDATED: with official interior photos

The sports sedan presented with 3.6-liter V6 engine with 300HP for the bottom Panamera, a 4.8-liter V8 with 405HP for the Panamera S, and a 4.8-liter twin-turbocharghed V8 putting out around 500hp for the Panamera Turbo. Power will be transferred by both guide gearboxes or Porsche’s new lookalike-clasp PDK transmission.
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2010 Porsche Panamera Interior Spied (photo)

31 10 2008

We’ve got some clearest spy shots of the 2010 Porsche Panamera‘s interior. The movies occur to have been shot from the passenger seat, and show that the four-door Porsche’s got a very familiar-looking five-pod instrument panel. It also appears to have a 911-smartness left-hand ignition key.

The highlight console is garlanded with buttons, hinting at the high equipment levels that will no doubt be available when the Panamera enters the sell against some very valuable competitors from Aston Martin, Mercedes and Maserati. During 2009, imagine most Panameras to be high-subject, high-profile V8 models, with the fewer costly V6 upcoming along once Porsche’s luxury-sport vehicle has established itself as a precious competitor to the Mercedes CLS and Maserati Quattroporte. Thanks for Teamspeed forum.

Latest spy photo of new 2009 Porsche Panamera

21 10 2008

New foord-door Porshe sedan called Panamera was spied at streets of San Francisco. Apart from some black tape and a bit of chrome tape to change the greenhouse lines, the vehicle in the photos appears to be a production-ready Panamera.  Despite its early 2009 launch court instantly approaching, engineers are still finetuning the car but as the shots bare the ultimate intend is almost ample.

Whether you adoration it or detest it, the Panamera will estimated change the performance sedan push eternally. Buoying by the success of the Cayenne SUV, Porsche’s managers have seen fit to put their famed badge on a car almost as big as mercedes S-Class.

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9ff released first sketches of new Porsche Panamera

25 09 2008

German Porsche tuner 9ff show first images of new 2010 Porsche Panamera. Just last week, it’s Porshe officially released teaser shot of front part of the Panamera.

Early we show clearest spy photos, but the absolute Panamera object niceties are still a mystery. 9ff already working on Porsche Panamera? There are no details or pictures on the 9ff website, though there is a rendering showing a slightly abstract version of how a warmed up Zuffenhausen sedan may look.

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First official Teaser Shot of new Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo

15 09 2008

We’ve seen more spy shots of the new Panamera at testing. Today Porsche finaly show us the ending production form of the Panamera, the name of which is now officially called “Gran Turismo“.

Porsche has decisive to do a plump blown marketing turn out using the just launched Panamera Online Magazine as the method through which we’ll see the production Panamera bit by bit. The first emerge is out and contains a few not-very-revealing sketches of the car as well as a picture that will be used in impending advertisements in which the Panamera peeks its nose out of a garage. Unfortunately, the front end of the car looks beautiful much like every other Porsche.

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Porsche Panamera Entire Model Range (spy photo)

11 03 2008

Captured recently in the north of Sweden, the full range of the fourth Porsche model has been touted in one place. Due to its debut in Geneva next year, the Panamera is facing strong competitors such as the Mercedes CLS and Aston Martin Rapide. These are the first images showing the three models in the range Panamera: the “standard” Panamera with two pairs of rectangular exhaust pipes, the Panamera S tubes with two rounds each side and the Panamera Turbo equipped with the same output the “Standard” of the car, but with the largest air intakes in the front and sports split 5-spoke wheels with large cross-drilled brake discs.
The entry-level engine for the “standard” Panamera will be Volkswagen 3.5-liter six-cylinder unit developing 300 hp, while his own Porsche powerplant will be a eight-cylinder direct-injection petrol engine, available in naturally aspirated Covered (350 c.) for the “S” and with bi-turbo (560 hp). Shortly after its inception in 2009, the Panamera hybrid will be introduced.

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Porsche Panamera Spied ahead of Geneva autoshow (video)

15 02 2008

Unless our photographer spyware were impressed by Porsche, and has now by the other side, the Porsche Panamera video looks like a marketing tool to Porsche Geneva. No, they need; Panamera will probably sell itself somehow. As a young man with a hidden camera can detect the same car in the same area three different time points is not normal in our company.

Is not bad, take a look for yourself and see Panamera not, go on a public road. If you go to Planet ignorance of the past year and ask themselves what it means, in the name of Porsche Panamera is, I thee to a little care. It is the rival of high-end performance of four models from the door of customers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Panamera is in the second four doors after the Porsche Cayenne and the hope that the customers want, a “family”, but not necessarily as Porsche travel by offering the Cayenne.

A series of powerful engines will be standard, including the hybrid form, the same are in the region of Cayenne.