New Audi R8 V10 Leaked: First Official Photos

8 12 2008

Audi show first official photo of the new R8 V10, which will be made it debut at the Detroit Motor Show next month. The R8 V10 will come with a 5.2 liter V10 engine producing 528 hp.


Unique to the R8 V10 are the LED headlights for the foremost and dipped beams, a first, and daytime operation light. A new rear diffuser creating more down force is also singular to this brand and twin oval tailpipes tag the rear of the V10, as opposed to the patio chrome exhaust of the V8 account.

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New Audi R3 would replace the TT ?!

1 09 2008

Audi is readying this stunning new R3 sports car, a mid-engined little brother to the R8 supercar. Developing with mother positive Volkswagen, the Audi R3 could disembark in five living’ time, with four-cylinder dominance to take on the Mazda MX-5 but not enough mumble to tread on the toes of Porsche’s Boxster. The Audi R3 is a replacement for the stillborn R4.

Audi’s mid-engine R4 was pronounced stillborn this past year, but with Volkswagen bringing its own midship concept to the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi might revive plans its own version to market in the next five years. The new R3 would effectively replace the TT, providing a better business case for VAG to produce a mid-engine platform and silencing critics that have constantly complained that the TT is merely a tarted up Golf.

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Audi Presented GT3 Sports Car with 500hp engine

28 08 2008

Audi presented new sport version of the R8, called GT3. It have Audi’s Quattro system in favor of a GT regulation rear-wheel drive transmission. The R8’s 500 horsepower is delivered via a newly urban six-zoom, sequential, sports gearbox. An adapted front end and a mega large GT-panache rear-wing keep the pursuit mode glued to the pursue.

Audi claims that the suspension almost exclusively uses components from the production line. As amazing as the sounds, think that the benchmark R8 is in detail a supercar, already based on contest technology.

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First Spy Photo of New Audi R8 Spider

13 08 2008

Today we want to show you the first shots of the open top Audi R8 Spider snapped by spy photographer at Carpix and even better is the need of camoflage on this nearly undisguised prototype.

Speculation is still common on the actual identify the new R8 variant will include, Targa, Convertible/Cabriolet and Spider have been thrown about. Previous rumours surrounding the confirmation of the kind avowed it will be called Targa and because this prototype’s only sheltered field resides behind the rear seats – Targa is what we will twig with.

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More Power: New Audi R8 V10 Quattro

25 06 2008

It’s not rumors! That’s some shots of new Audi R8 V10 powered version. Audi stated that the R8 will soon V10 production status after some initial fears that the project can only be cut by a total of heat problems.

Last week, the ever present Nurburgring experts Bridge to Gantry spotted the R8 V10 do some laps, today we have thank for some up-close-and-personal photos of this powered-beast V10.

The audiphiles among us will immediately spot the missing “fin” under the headlamps, while the rear is missing two of the horizontal fins. Far beyond the two larger exhaust pipes (instead of two dual exhaust) and the side air intakes balls have a greater need for the cooling of the engine.

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New World Record Film Fitting Time on Audi R8 by FOLIATEC

13 06 2008

People doing many world records like “Fastest Production Car” or “Top Car speed”, they contain a part of fascination which keeps people wondering if, one day they will ever be able to demand their own world highest. Ok, FOLIATEC in cooperation with professional movie fitters folioCar have broad their sample of the world record dream with the absolute world best time on 5th June for correct a whole vehicle with designer films.

Carried out under the supervision of international pressure members at the TUV premises in Mendig, Germany, the players of four folioCar technicians danced around one another and the ABT supplied Audi R8 in applying the deceptively sincere looking carbon strength plastic skin in precisely 2 hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds. Typically, a average car body wants two full effective days to fit, no less a difficult nature like the R8. “Although we could have had more people work on the fitting, it was already cute harsh around the vehicle and the advance people would only have got in the way,” explains Marco Kimme of folioCar. For farther details about the grueling process involved in applying the film, see demand free below.

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(Video) Iron Man – Behind the Scenes Video of Audi Q7 & R8 Stunt Scene

30 04 2008

If there is one thing the Iron Man Director Jon Favreau to complain about, it is Audi R8 and seven of the film is too well-designed stunt scenes logistical nightmare.

The first stunt scene (in the video above) features a family skid to stop in their Audi Q7 prove a major problem due to the anti-lock braking system, even after the wheels are sprayed on the ground wd40 and splattered with water, it Still does not work. In the end, they spent two hours under the hood and all their tools and torches close combat anti-lock brakes. Unfortunately, this is not the crux of the problem to stop, following the 7 anti-skid is held in the air from the iron man, the car spinning wheels should be round, but this time, traction control system is in the way.

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World Performance Car of the Year – Audi R8

23 03 2008

Audi is beginning to fairly dominate the World Car of the Year Awards. The Ingolstadt automaker has just won itself two major awards at the international competition; World Performance Car and Car Design of the Year. It is now two years in a row that Audi has bagged these two awards; last year it was the RS 4 and TT respectively that got the final nod. Just to cement its place the R8 was pitted against sibling A5 as well as the Mazda2, winner of the overall WCOTY Award for 2008.
The R8 has left each person lucky enough to get their grubby paws on it in sheer awe of its talents as a performer that not only delivers oozes of raw, edgy tyre-shredding Newtons on the road, but also as a well-balanced everyday car that almost goes anywhere where roads are paved. We know that a car from the same extended family (no names need mentioning) has owned this label since before forever, yet now R8 is going with it freely…

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PPI Audi R8 Razor Debuts

7 02 2008

What would you say, have an Audi R8 with better performance and improved aerodynamics? Probably, “Yes, please.” Well, German tuning outfit PPI Automotive Design has exactly this.
Meet the PPI PPI R8 and the R8 Razor. They were originally in the world at the Essen Motor Show last year. Power numbers are up from 420 hp to 460 hp, torque increased by 317 ft-lb at the 343rd Together with the improved engine management and the sports air filter, the car reached a top speed of 192 mph mph. 0-60, improved by six tenths of a second at an impressive 4.0 seconds. With a fundamental impact kit built entirely of carbon fiber, and super-light 19 “black, magnesium wheels, the two cars have a look separates that from the camp R8, but without outrageous straying away like many other tuner.
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Edo Competition has developed its first program for the Audi R8.

21 01 2008

Tuning company Edo Competition is a very thoughtful approach. It did not fly forward with the head pieces, similar offering for the new machines is augmented motors and other extreme solutions. Instead, the Germans first display on the market easiest version, incidentally devising “charged” modification.

Another became a test Audi R8. The choice of Edo Competition is not surprising, given the good demand for this car and the fact that the company already tuning walls “were trained like” noble skoroxod Maserati MC12, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano or a Porsche Carrera GT.

In addition to “release”, Edo Competition offers for the Audi R8 20 – inch wheels with forged hub and small decorative parts made of carbon.

In Edo Competition decided that the staffing sound of the exhaust system Audi R8 is not in line with its capacity, and added to its brand coupe “exhaust”. So, in addition to “a beautiful voice”, R8 has received 22 additional horses forces and 20 newton-meters (there are 442 and 450 respectively). In addition, the new release is easier to 8 kilograms.

Acceleration “0-100” dropped to 4.5 seconds and a maximum speed increased to 310 kilometres per hour. But this is a limit to the Edo Competition? Besides greatly raised the level of their competitors from MTM, which increased motor “R8 to 888 power horses.”