Land Rover LRX confirmed to production as Range Rover: First Images Revealed

12 03 2009

Previously revealed the Land Rover LRX Concept was confirmed to production after the UK Government has announced that a grant offer of up to £27 million for the developing of this eco-friendly car. So it has produced a vehicle that can carry the Range Rover badge and be sold as a luxury compact SUV which will be released in 2011.

2011 Range Rover LRX img_1

While the ultimate resolve for production won’t be made awaiting later this year, Land Rover’s want for a minor and more fuel-capable vehicle will possible see the band grab the hottest tender in a heartbeat. In the manage up to choice, Land Rover has free the first certified picture of the production report and definite that it would relay the Range Rover claim. The undivided price of the foretell is estimated at around the £400 million evaluate.

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