Hot Renault Megane Trophy Concept revealed at Paris Motor Show

6 10 2008

Renault present at Paris 2008 their awesome Megane Trophy Concept. Its concept – features a Nissan / Infiniti sourced 3.5-liter V6 engine tweaked to cultivate 360hp driving through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The new Megane Coupe Trophy will take part in the 2009 period of the World Series by Renault (WSR) which is a distinct-seater car championship that has been running in Europe since 2005.

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New 2009 Renault Megane III Leaked Photo

1 09 2008

Ahead debut at Paris Motor Show first photo of the all-new Renault Megane has been leaked into the Internet. Following the launch, Renault is set to follow it up with a number of different variants including a new performance model and a long-wheelbase version.

The new Megane is based on the Nissan Qashqai and it will enter the European arena against the likes of the Peugeot 308, Fiat Bravo and VW Golf VI.

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First Renault Megane III Renderings

24 05 2008

After the French car magazine showed exclusive photos of new Renault Megane III, a few things, however, were the imagination of fans of this car, but the pictures are not very clear. To compensate for this deficiency, Infomotori of our colleagues who have worked on the rendering, it has kindly allowed to reproduce here. He continued to rent great work for our Italian friends, to the new car, that’s it in 2008 in Paris Salon de l’Automobile, we can confirm most of his new function.

The most important of these is the choice of a more conservative, something of vital importance for a company with very ambitious goals more and more. Bets can be in less competitive car market segments, if they can be formed. Therefore, the design of the new Megane similar to that already in Twingo and Laguna for the first time in the Megane Coupe Concept. Future vehicles, the same style of evidence, such as the headlights and the casing.

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New Renault Megane III leaked in French auto mag

30 04 2008

Renault has been working on the replacement of the current Megane. The following is the new Clio, from three years ago Megane is an important model for the French car manufacturers to face a well-off volume leaders such as the Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit and the Ford Motor Company the focus of attention. French auto magazine has managed to add some brazen shooting cars, presumably obtained from Renault employees in exchange for a case of wine, a box gauloise and / or a joke on the Americans.

As promised, the new Megane will be a substantial increase in its uniform shape than love it – or – hatred, its current mode, the bending of the upright rear window. Front end borrowed a lot of new Laguna City, suggesting that a common language for the company. Have a certain similarity between some of the production version and the Megane car concept, launched in Geneva, this year.

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Renault Megane Coupe Concept (video)

6 03 2008

This is a new version of the video Geneva launched Renault Megane Coupe concept. We brought you the major releases and article yesterday, but the video adds a little life to the great stills our guys gathered while on site at the Geneva Motorshow.

The concept is to provide some indication as to where Renault is perhaps their Mégane range in the future. The new Megane will find it hard to follow the course of car brought a huge chic dash of the euro in what was a little unexciting category.

Do not expect the road to the new version of Mégane to resemble what the futuristic display. Maybe the general shape and form will be similar but the 21-inch wheels and tires can not take the next family sedan. In saying this, Renault has made some futuristic designs to production, in the past, such as the Vel Satis, so who knows? For more information and pictures, please see the “Renault Megane Coupe Concept Unveiled” article right in the box Related Content.