2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec Revealed (details and pricing)

12 02 2009

Hyundai opened a new Genesis Coupe “R-Spec” at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. Korean automaker also announced pricing for its Genesis Coupe. The new  R-Spec is based on the 210HP 2.0-liter Turbo form of the Genesis Coupe and it is planned to appeal to enthusiasts who want a low initial assess and the ability to change their car to their own specifications.


When the Genesis Coupe begins to disembark at Hyundai dealerships later in the month, $22,000 will get you into an equitably well-equipped 210-horsepower, 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine 2.0T fashion while $25,000 is the asking outlay for a stand, 306-horsepower, 3.8-liter, V6 engine fashion.

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New RUF’s electric vehicle based on Porsche 911

10 10 2008

RUF develops new electric vehicle which based on a Porsche 911 and powering by a three-chapter emotional motor that offers about 200 horsepower along with an impressive 480 lb.-ft. Of torque, the eRUF Model A can reportedly hit 60 miles per hour in under seven seconds and can reach a top rush of 160.

Power comes from a lithium iron phosphate sequence cram, which produces 317-volts and 480-amps and is made up from 96 individual cells. A satisfied price takes a very long 10-hours, and regenerative braking is included in the packet allowing for an array of up to 180 miles.

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